How to launch a dialog box when entering joomla 1.5 website

I want to launch a dialog when a user enters our website prompting them for how they learned about us. It's a simple form. Can anyone tell me how I can accomplish this?
J CAsked:
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Panagiotis Sweb developer - designer Commented:

the above gives you the pop up window in which you can embed a module (your simple form)
Panagiotis Sweb developer - designer Commented:
sorry the above is for images only
Something like THIS ?
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Please try this

   1. window.onload = function () {  
   2.     REDIPS.dialog.init();          // initialize dialog  
   3.     REDIPS.dialog.op_high = 40;    // set maximum transparency to 40%  
   4.     REDIPS.dialog.fade_speed = 18; // set fade spead (delay is 18ms)  
   5. };  
J CAuthor Commented:
I've tried several of the joomla extensions. I think I have some sort of javascript conflict because the only one that works is one that I don't care for. The others, nothing happens when the page loads.
please try sepearte javascript function this for on body load
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