Can someone explain to me what these commands are and what they do/change?

Set-OutlookProvider-id exch -ssl:$true


Set-OutlookProvider-id exch -server:servername

Any help would be appreciated.

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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Set-OutlookProvider command is used for AutoDiscover services.

If you run Get-OutlookProvider it will display a list of what is already configured.

The first one:

Set-OutlookProvider-id exch -ssl:$true

Is setting EXCH with an SSL value of true, so turning on the SSL Requirement.

The second one:

Set-OutlookProvider-id exch -server:servername

Is setting the EXCH value to the servername of your exchange Server.

the identity will either be EXCH or EXPR

EXCH is when Outlook Anwhere is not enabled EXPR is when it is.

Infinate_Author Commented:
Great, thanks for that info demazter
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