Barcode scanner only works properly on hyperterminal

My friend have symbol scanner that is being used to scan barcodes. Unfortunately it works properly on Hyper-terminal program (Classic windows xp). But on the program that i have implemented, The barcode reads some of the numbers and others are characters and does not recognize those numbers.
I also used some other appilcations that uses SerialComport to read data, and it also outputs the same bad data characters.
Below is the sample output

Good result:  789001     << from hyperterminal (windows xp)
Bad result:     7?9??1    << from my program and other latest SerialCom reader software.

What could be the problem? thanks guys God Bless
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HairbrushConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NormanMaina - all an "rs232 to USB converter" does is add a serial port to a computer that (typically) does not have any serial ports.  The software still talks to the hardware device in the same way, and in the driver settings you'd still need to configure the baud rate, data bits, parity bits and stop bits to be compatible with the device.

I agree with Lee - if data is being lost or corrupted it is probably those settings that are incorrect in both your application and SerialCom (but correct in HyperTerminal).  I suggest you compare the settings in each application.
Norman MainaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I were you ,i'd just get a rs232 to usb converter (they are cheap) and then you will not need to read the serial port.

But you can also check the port settings that the hyper terminal is using to connect to your serial port are the same as your program.
LeeeRussellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you should check if the parity bit settings are the same in your software and the hyperterminal.
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LeeeRussellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
and I suggested parity bit because if the example you give is a real example - you appear to be only losing the transmissions of even numbers (although I suppose this could also be due to the difference between 7-bit and 8-bit transmission).

Fundamentally, you need to make sure that the settings for the serial connection are *exactly* the same in hyperterminal and your software.
stijohnforeverAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all of you guys for your comments and suggestions, And yes that's the first thing i did, configure those settings before i made this thread, but still to no avail. Anyways after hours of configuring and downloading similar software. Ive created program code on my own, to sniff data on a textfile from the Hyperterminal Data log. Which works the same way. God bless to all Below is my simple program.

 The result
stijohnforeverAuthor Commented:
Ive managed on my own, and also i greatly considered the comments of the experts.
Norman MainaCommented:
Hairbrush:>what a barcode scanner does is basically emulate the keyboard -most barcode scanners are usb and plub and play -in this case,the author had a serial port barcode scanner - with a serial to usb converter you will not have to read the serial port -you'll only have to make the text input box have focus and then point the scanner to the barcode -it will pick the barcode(most metrologic and symbol scanners do without having to press anything) and it will paste the barcode into the control.

stijohnforever:>reading the log is not 100% accurate and you'll find this out with'll have to ensure that barcode numbers are unique in your database so that for any reason the log isnt written or HT is not running,you do not read the last record over and over again
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