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SEO - Article Submission and Traffic generation


We have a website that is currently ranked no.1 in Google for major search terms and we generate 3000 visitors a day.   However, it has been very difficult to increase the visitors beyond this.   We are currently using Facebook, Twitter and have linked ourselves to hundreds of directories.  We are also a free language learning site and the top in our category.

We are now interesting in submitting articles written by our language teachers to help generate traffic.  This is something we haven't done - i.e. using blogs or writing articles so we know very little about this.   The questions we have are:

1) What are the best places to submit articles (we are prepared to pay for any marketing opportunities too)

2) What are the techniques we need to consider?

3) Are there any article submission tools that are highly recommended - we have reviewed a few but they seem to be better at marketing themselves than proving they are value for money!

We have over 50 teachers at our centre willing to write articles for free to help promote our site and associated Tuition Centre (another website) so we have all the resources to generate lots of traffic this way - we just need to know where to start so we don't waste our energies.

We have never used wordpress or other blogs so any advice on this is much appreciated.  We also aren't making any use of Twitter although we are getting lots of followers so presumably can send twitter messages when we release new articles

Kind Regards,
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Geoff KenyonCommented:
Hey Raheel,
I would be cautious about putting too much effort into article marketing. It is not nearly as useful as it used to be. Additionally, last week Google launched their "Farmer Update" which significantly reduced the performance of article submission sites (content farms) in the SERPs.

If you have a lot of writers on staff, I would suggest the following:
1. Start a blog on your own site to bring more long tail traffic in
2. Start guest blogging on other sites as a way to build links. Guest blogging is the new article marketing. You can use sites like My Blog Guest to find blogging opportunities.
I agree with Geoff.  If you do use article marketing, use it as a lead generation tool to find sites looking for original content in your niche and then contact them about 'guest blogging' - essentially, giving them a unique article for their site.  I wouldn't publish more than 2 articles to article directories per week at this point.

The real problem you are running into is that not enough people are searching for the keywords you rank for.  You should probably be looking into new keywords to try to rank #1 for.

Try the plugin Twitter Tools to auto tweet your new posts.
No one knows yet what the outcome of the latest Google updates will be in the future - right now they are hurting article directories. But I still think articles in ezinearticles are not a bad idea. If you want to do an even better plan for pointing links to your site using unique content written by your staff, you could easily have multiple wordpress blogs (that you host yourself, not on the free wordpress site). I would recommend having each blog written for a specific language course.

New results are showing Facebook pages (not a personal account - a business page) to be of high value - content and links on these pages are showing up in search engine results.You could have a Facebook page for each of the languages, as well. A facebook page can be used to alert people of any new content on your website or on your blogs, and then you have those backlinks.

Website directories are not all bad, but a lot of time can be spent with those and it can yield few results (but in my opinion you should get in some of the better directories.  There are tools to automate this process, but a better way to do it is with manual submissions - these can be done by staff members or some people use outsourced contractors.

Now, to agree with those other comments, yes, guest blogging is a very good thing to get quality backlinks. The higher quality the site is that your guest post is on, the better it is for you.

Video marketing can also be very helpful, but it requires more technology, time and money - starting with written content is better.
hennanra3Author Commented:
Many thanks for all your help.  We do actually have a very high quality forum on our website and we are thinking of upgrading this to a CMS that will allow guests to posts articles.

The idea is to post the same articles that are on our CMS to other blogs / article sites.   I like the guest blog idea and in the next few weeks post our revamped site - will start wordpress, blogger, ezinearticles efforts in earnest.

I agree with our SEO but part of our reason for not changing our SEO strategy is that we already rank very well (position 1 to 3 on page 1 of Google) on maybe 7 or 8 of the top search terms.  Hence we are trying alternative methods.  One angle we haven't tried is Youtube and we are confident this could have a huge impact.  It is really about using our resources intelligently as mentioned in the last post - i.e. we don't want to spend the effort where it will yield lesser benefit in terms of visitors.

Thanks for all the help.

Kind Regards,
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