Email not arriving

When sending an email via web access to work, email is not received by recipient(s).

Web Acces shows as GW 8, while recipient is using GW  7. Probably not the issue.
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You really need to take some time and explain the situation in more detail. All we know is that someone is logging into a GW8 WebAccess interface and sending an E-Mail, and it isn't reaching someone who is running GW7.

Same GroupWise System, or different ones?

If they are different, what is the transport between the Systems? SMTP? Or do they have some other Gateway?

Are you certain the sender is using the correct E-Mail address?

Can you send an E-Mail to the recipient, and do they receive it?

If the E-Mail is sent from the fat client instead of the WebAccess interface, does it go through?

I'm not sure how you expect anyone to help you if you don't bother to supply basic troubleshooting info.
lizzytishConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
There were so many Group Wise errors yesterday that the System Administrator downed the email server and we are watching.  All seems to be good now.
lizzytishAuthor Commented:
Please close this question.
lizzytishAuthor Commented:
This was a GW server issue.  Restarted server and all ok now.
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