Fix My Network Wizard in SBS 2008 - Does it interrupt network comm?

Does anyone know if it does when run - assuming I do not let it make any changes?

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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends what it finds that needs to be fixed but it won't do anything unless you ask it to.
explorer648Connect With a Mentor Commented:
pretty much the wizard will run and not really change anything. unless it is broke. It may give you an error that the port 25 and 443 and 110 cant comunicate. these are bogus errors due to a firewall in place
mrcannonAuthor Commented:
Thank you
I had to run this wizard in order to fix an expired certificate. I did this with around 30 users on the system. On completion of the wizard it asks what you want to do and so running the wizard itself does not seem cause any service outage. In my case I just renewed a certificate while users were on the system without a problem. I suspect other options after the wizard completes could cause an outage.
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