Lotus Notes 7.02 on Windows 7 wait cursor always running Notes slow or locks up

New installation of Lotus Notes 7.02 on new Windows 7 32 bit IBM Lenovo desktop which connect to Lotus Domino server at home office.

Lotus Notes slowly loads, the wait cursor is always running - able to read messages but Notes locks up when trying to do anything. Corp tech support has re-installed application from scratch twice with same results. This is a corp standard setup however we own the machine. Techs are at a lost and we are without usage of Notes on the new machine. Next level of support may respond in next 48 hours. what a pain!

Has anyone seen this issue? What can we try next?

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PeterFuerteConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Issue resolved we found a conflict with the monitor's software. Uninstalling Samsung's multi-screen resolved the issue.

Please close this issue.

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