Mailbox Security policy

My organisation contains 4 exchange 2003 servers

with a single administrative group. A newly

introduced Security policy specifies a maximum

amount of email storage that each user is

allowed to use. I need to ensure that the

email storage restrictions are cosistently

applied on all Excahnge mailbox store in the
organsation. I need to achieve ths goal by

using minimum amount of administrative efforts?

a. I think I apply global message option that define

maximum messages sizes. Reason:- because it will introduce policy to

each mailbox in forest.

b. Should I define mailbox store size limits for each

mailbox store on all exchange servers

c. Can I configure a Mailbox manager recipient policy

that applies to all users in the organization

d. My mate tells to create a mailbox store policy that defines

storage limits. Apply the policy to all mailbox

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The correct answer is to actually create a system policy of the type 'Mailbox Store Policy'. This can then be applied to all mailbox stores in the administrative group. Here is a good guide for how to create these policies:
kunalclkAuthor Commented:
Please help on the same
kunalclkAuthor Commented:
kunalclkAuthor Commented:
Hello JaredJ1 please help on the same still the issue is not esolved just some more help:-



I know the concepts please tell the steps a to



You can either mention it on this

I was scared in placing the question again however I need help since without it the answer is not helping me.
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