Exchange Cluster issue

Me an adaministrator install Exchange Server 2003

on the cluster in an active/passive

configuration. When I test the installation,

I discover that Exchange is not running on the

cluster. Exchange services are set to mannual

startup and are not running on either node

I need to ensure that Exchange is running on

the cluster?

I have been told by my Manager to do either of the suitable things:-

a. Configure all Exchange services to start

automatically on the active node. Reboot the

active node

b. Configure all Exchange services to start

automatically on both nodes. Reboot both nodes

c. Create a new cluster resource group for the

Exchange server and create a System Attendent


d. In Exchange Server 2003, run the setup

/disasterrecovery command to reinstall Exchange

Server 2003 on the active node

I think d. it will set the services without failover
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Please checked for the patches installed on both the nodes. In cluster the Exchange store.exe version should be matched with each other.

> The Exchange services should be configured to Manual. Before check for exchange download / run the cluster    dignostics tools and checked for the report.

>Go to Cluster Admin and check for the resource management. Both node should be add in cluster management.
> Cluster service should be in running state on both the node (Active / Passive).
kunalclkAuthor Commented:
Please help on the same
kunalclkAuthor Commented:
Please tell what services can I set manual and how? I am not good in Cluster management, I am not good in Cluster please tell some reference to it.
kunalclkAuthor Commented:
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