VB.Net Express - Using Windows Forms Controls?

The question is: How can I tell if I am using Windows Forms Controls or not?

Here is a statement I read and that interests me:
   If the OP is NOT using Windows Forms controls, it should be very easy to put
an ASP.NET front-end on the app.
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Kalpesh ChhatralaConnect With a Mentor Software ConsultantCommented:
If you Created Windows Form Application then In Toolbox there is Windows Forms Controls.

If you Created Web Application then In Toolbox there is Web Application Controls.
Asim NazirCommented:
Not able to get what exactly you are looking for. Can you please elaborate more?
ljcorAuthor Commented:
i have created a VB.Net app and used the controls from the Toolbox.   Are these Windows Forms controls?

That is my question.
ljcorAuthor Commented:
Thanks much.
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