Network printer takes too long to print documents with images on


I am having a problem,

Mostly all of the printers that I have shared on my server are ok, they only go crazy when I sent them print orders for documents which have images on.

Documents with size of 4MB, some of them are just 2MB.

I really need these beauties to print right away without delay, knowing that the network settings are set correctly.

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ksssgConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I worked it out, not how I wanted, but all I was trying to do is just printe a powerpoint file and I couldnt.

The thing that I did was to just take out the images from the powerpoint slide, compres them in Photoshop then put them back in JPEG into the same powerpoint slide again,

Printed again and it worked!!!

I assume its the HP driver... I think!
Can you offer more information about your network? What base is your network? 10/100/1000

Also, we have a print server which hosts roughtly 100 printers, we see slow downs when printing files greater than 2MB. some students love to fire a 500MB file to it which just fails. We run a GBit fibre network with 1GB to the desk and printers, some machines are 100MB to the desk.

do you get any errors on the server or is it just taking an age to spool?

What makes/models of printers.  Are the printers capable of printing images?  (Has to be asked!)
What drivers are installed for them on the printer server, also the clients.
What sort of network, how have you "shared" them, what OS's etc.

Is it all printers, or just a few that are affected.  What sort of pictures are involved, colour, B&W, "photo" types, or vector line (cad) drawings etc and so on.  What software on the client are you using to create the documents to print.

And, define "crazy"   What actualy happens that should not happen.  Long delays before prints, or lots of paper with only a few seemingly random characters printed at the top.

Also, what (if any) error messages do the clients get, or are shown/logged on the server.

Sorry, but a lot more info is needed here before anyone can get a hold of what's happening.



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What model of printer is it ? and are you using PS or PCL drivers
Check the size of the spool file, by clicking on the printer symbol in the taskbar while the job is being sent to the printer.

Print jobs will be larger than the document size, at least for PostScript and PCL printers. PCL usually generates larger print sizes than PS for images. The reason is that PCL sends the image in printer resolution but PS just sends the image as is, and lets the printer convert it to its own resolution.

As the other experts have indicated, some more info would be appreciated...
Is the application handling the printing?  What application are you printing from?  If your application is handling the printing, then this will cause it to be extremely slow for documents with images, if you're not using a host-based printer or driver.  They key here is to find a driver that works with the printer and application.  Which model printer and driver are you currently using?
ksssgAuthor Commented:
Hello again,

I asked the last question when it was last minute end of a working day. Left for the weekend and here I am again.

We are using only HP Printing products.

Printers are:
HP LaserJet 1300n
HP Color LaserJet 2480 All-in-One
HP LaserJet P2015
HP LaserJet P2015n
HP LaserJet P2055dn
HP LaserJet CP2025dn

OS is Windows Server 2008, all printers are using HP PS Driver.

Please let me know if you want to know anymore information to help me fix this.

ksssgAuthor Commented:
I was asked to define "crazy", as I said in my first post.

All printers, take tooooooooooooo VERY long to print a single print job if its a document which has images on, those colored images are not that big in size, its really strange!,

Long delays
Firstly, I would change to using a PCL driver, unless you HAVE TO HAVE a PS driver for some reason.  And the driver I would use (we use it in our environment with much success) is the HP UPD.

I have verified it is compatible with all of your printers.  I'm assuming the Color 2480aio is actually a 2840?
ksssgAuthor Commented:
I will be trying PCL5 and PCL6 on some of them to see how they'll do. The thing that I experienced before is that we use Farsi fonts,

Some of those fonts dont print out right when I use PCL Drivers, am really not sure if the type of the drive is the problem or not, but thats how I remember it.

What I did long time before was to install a PCL driver then print a normal documents with no images on at all and everything came out all scrambled and symbols!!! you simply cant read it, not in any language known!,

So then I installed the PS driver and things went all fine afterwards.

Please let me know what you think of what I just said and correct me if I was wrong, knowing that I was talking about the same printers I mentioned above too.

Thank you for your support
Actually, what you are saying makes sense.  Give the PCL drivers a shot, and if that doesn't work out, then try the HP UPD PostScript driver.  The good news here is that the HP UPD comes in all flavors.  Just make sure to set all settings like paper type and trays, etc.  Otherwise, the HP UPD will 'auto' configure when printing, which will slow it down.
ksssgAuthor Commented:
First of all, let me tell you exactly how am set up:
I am using a workstation with a windows 7 Pro with SP1 installed, I also need to say that I've had this problem going even before I have installed the SP1.

A local lan that is not connected to the internet, both PC and Printer.

I have set all the correct network info in the printer.
Also on my PC.

Both belong to the same DSN and Gateway, same office, same switch, all same network config. nothing is really wrong with the network set up.

Even before using this new version of HP UPD driver, I have always used the HP PS driver for all the printers up there and it worked like a charm for a regular black and white microsoft word 2007 document, it takes little more time on microsoft powerpoint 2007 slides printing, but it worked!

Just some of the powerpoint 2007 slides dont print right, ones with more images on them, these are the ones giving me headache.

Now and this time, I tried the HP UPD version 5.2.6 PCL5 the one you suggested on the following printer:
HP Color LaserJet 2840 All-in-one

It prints out right away in black, but the problem is with the driver itself, you can check it out yourself if you want, this driver says that the 2840 printer is not a colored printer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everytime i want to print a colored powerpoint slide it comes out in greyscale,, not to mention that we use Farsi fonts, the results comes out with all kinds of smilies and symbols scattered everywhere and lines and also some of the words in Farsi like how we put them. But it still dont look nice at all, straight to the shredder.

I then decided to try the same version of the driver but in PS this time,
So I did, and back to the same problem again, long delay with nothing comes out,, only difference here is that this driver at least say that this printer is a colored one lol!!!

What am trying to print here is just a microsoft powerpoint 2007 colored "10" slides, the size of the file is 2.94 MB.

I am really so lost,

I couldnt try the PCL6 driver because it is not supported on the printer,

I am still looking for help here :(!
ksssgAuthor Commented:
Ok something to add here, interesting!

the print job comes out 13.9MB,

when using Powerpoint it takes forever for the print job to move,

and so on,

I copied the images from the same powerpoint slide and placed them in a single page in (Microsoft Word 2007) and printed using the same driver on the same printer:

HP UPD 2.5.6 PS
HP Color LaserJet 2840 All-In-One "networked"
Windows 7 pro SP1

and it worked!!!!!!!!!

it printed fine!!!!!!!!!!!! it must be powerpoint!!!!!!!!!!!!!,, on all of our machines!!!!!!!!!!!,

I need to know why it only happens on Microsoft Powerpoint 2007!!

Still looking for an answer.
ksssgAuthor Commented:
Ok, am not sure if its the powerpoint now,

just tried another printer other than HP and it worked just fine,

Now am lost between powerpoint and HP UPD PS Driver!
ksssgAuthor Commented:

I would really appreciate the help here,

What would I need for those printers up there with the UPD PS 5.2.6 driver for them to print right away without delays?

thanx :)
yelbaglfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It most definitely is a driver issue.  The key is finding the right one that prints well for that particular printer.  You could also try updating the firmware for the printer, and then try printing again.  But anytime you have a document that spools for a longer time and up to a larger size than 'normally', 9 times out of 10 it's driver/printer related.

I would update the firmware, and power cycle the printer.  Then give it another shot to see if it helps.
If you wanted to rule other things out and if it's possible with your setup, you could attach the printer locally, and then try printing again to rule anything else weird out.
Sounds fair to me.
ksssgAuthor Commented:
I dont think what yelbaglf suggested was a solution. I am sorry.
yelbaglfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can assure you there is a 99.9% chance it is a driver issue, and I do apologize we were not able to find the proper driver, as I never heard back from you after my last post.  Nor did I hear back about any of the other troubleshooting suggestions I offered.  

But I personally have dealt with this issue, and most recently with an X-ray application printing images.  The printer and application only worked well together when locally installed with a TCP/IP port and an HP LJ2100 driver.  All other printing to this printer would only work when using the HP UPD driver, and the printer, of course, was shared from the server with this driver.  We also had to disable bi-directional printing underneath the port properties.  Also, keep in mind that this is an HP Color LJ CP3525, and it won't print consistently with any other driver.  The CP3525 driver doesn't even work, especially when printing images.

Either way, we would have continued troubleshooting had we heard a response, and at  any rate this is a valid solution for 99% of users out there with this problem.  That being said, I am OK with and will accept any decisions made regarding this question.  The reason is because if I have failed the poster of the question, then I don't deserve the points.  Granted coming to a resolution that meets your needs requires feedback both ways.

If you've exhausted all the options suggested, it never hurts to give HP a call, or if you have resolved this yourself, then post your solution so others may benefit from your efforts.  After all, we're all here to help, learn, and grow as experts in our fields.

ksssgAuthor Commented:
If its a driver issue! then how would we accept this as a solution!, There wasn't even a work around solution to this! except for what I did myself!

and if the firmware suggestion was one!!! why would I go and firmware update ALL the printers for just a 2MB file to print!, if you go ahead and read my posts, I been trying, I really tried, You said you did not hear from me, well, 5 of my posts were not answered either, I put 5 posts one after the other and no one participated but me!!! I did not hear from anyone!.

There isnt much to say really, I mean when you said you did not hear from me! its because I tried everything I can referring to the UPD driver, nothing worked.

I did call HP and like always, HP representitives insisted on that their UPD has nothing worng and it works fine!!! well,, I even offered them the file am trying to print and a visit to my work place to try it out themselves and they showed no interest!

I am sure its a printer/driver issue, and HP is responsible for it.

am not an HP Printers expert, am just a user who wants the job done! This is why I was here, looking for help lol.
There are other printer makers, of equal reputation and standing.
If one makers devices and drivers don't cut it, .......

From an earlier post, if taking the image out of the slideshow, "processing" it in Photoshop or similar, and re-inserting it into a slide or document, that then printes OK.   That does tend to imply that something somewhere can't handle some aspect of the data.

What happens if you take the same raw image as you have in the slide, and put that in a document "Unprocessed" and try to print that?   (Assuming the image file stays the same.)

What are the raw image spec's?   X/Y resolution/size, colour depth and coding (jpg has been mentioned, does it *need* to be in that format?) etc.   Perhaps when you "processed" the image, the colour depth was reduced from millions to thousands, resulting in the printing software being able to handle it...    Just one of many things that can be altered, often without you knowing.

ksssgAuthor Commented:
I dont have the X/Y of the image right now, but I did take the image out and doubled clicked it and used windows photo viewer to print it, and it did print! before and after I worked on it, i printed the two times just fine.

The other brand printer with the same specs I tried, it printed the powerpoint slide with the image on withtout any changes.
What was the other brand printer model and driver that you used?  As a reminder for me, are all printers installed using a local TCP/IP port, including the 'other branded' printer?

When using the HP UPD driver or any driver for that matter, ensure that all settings are set under 'Printing Defaults' and 'Preferences'.  The paper type, tray, size, dpi, etc., etc...should all be set.  Color and grayscale settings should be set too.  Once this is done, test.  If it fails, turn off bi-directional printing underneath the ports tab of the printer's properties window.  If this test fails, then it'd be nice if we could test with the printer locally attached to rule out intermittent connectivity issues, but disabling bi-directional printing may help with this.

As a workaround you could save your PowerPoint presentations as PDF's, and then print them out.  These should print fine using a PostScript driver.

Here are the steps:

1)  Click the Microsoft Office Button, point to the arrow next to Save As, and then click PDF or XPS.
2)  In the File name list, type or select a name for the presentation.
3)  In the Save as type list, click PDF.
4)  If you want to open the file immediately after saving it, select the Open file after publishing check box. This check box is available only
     if you have a PDF reader installed on your computer.
5)  Next to Optimize for, do one of the following, depending on whether file size or print quality is more important to you:
    -If the presentation requires high print quality, click Standard (publishing online and printing).
    -If the print quality is less important than file size, click Minimum size (publishing online).
6)  To specify various options for the file, click Options. (Find links to more information on these options in the See Also section.) Click OK.
7)  Click Publish.

If you want to make changes to the PDF after saving it, return to your original 2007 Microsoft Office system file in which you created it and save the file as PDF again.

Steps copied from here:
One more note to add and something I've mentioned before, update the firmware for all printers.  Even if this doesn't fix this issue, firmware updates are provided to fix known issues, and more times than not, you'll need the latest firmware for the HP UPD to work properly.  Firmware can be thought of as the layer between your printer driver and printer hardware/functionality.

Just to ramble...firmware updates are released for many reasons, to include:
Improved performance
Fixing existing hardware or firmware bugs
Adding new features
Compatibility or Support Issues
I agree
ksssgAuthor Commented:
The other brand was epson AcuLaser C4200DNPC6, the driver was P6, or maybe PCL6 am not very sure, but it was for color printing i guess, or thats all I can remember right now,

When I tried the HP UPD, I never touched the printing defaults. I never had to really, even having this problem, I dont really think that I played with the printer printing defaults!!!.

I made sure everything was correct, if it wasnt, it wouldn't have printed anyways! or just gave me an error message or whatever...!!! anything!!

Anyways, this has taken too much of my time and what I wanted to do is done already, not like I wanted but its done!

Firmware updates are ok, I went on to look for some of the HP Printer listed above and i think I couldnt find them for some reason,, but anyways, I dont think am gonna do it really!!!

Now if you guys think you should go on trying out things here, be my guest but am really done here, its giving me headache, and to be honest, such thing should not!!!
Our only goal here was to help as much as possible.  Please remember that we are all volunteers, and we do this in our free time because we sincerely enjoy helping others.  That being said, I completely understand your view, and sincerely wish you the best.

Hopefully this leaves you in good spirits, as it did myself. :-)

“A printer consists of three main parts: the case, the jammed paper tray and the blinking red light” -author unknown
ksssgAuthor Commented:
It did not fix the problem!
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