HP Laserjet 2015 edges are dirty.


I have two HP 2015 printers which are starting to show marks on the long edge of the prints. If you look closely at the marks, they appear to be residual images of previously printed pages.

Ive change the toner cartridges but this doesnt resolve the issue.

Is there somewhere I can clean or something which can be replaced to resolve this?

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Found this HP ITRC Forum suggestion

which suggests a new fuser might be necessary...

You probably need to clean the main drum, or other rollers in the machine.  But, it's a delicate assembly, also when in use with lots of high voltages and high temperatures arround there.

Try asking arround the photocopier service places, there is a lot of similarities between photocopiers and laser printers in the way they work.

It may be a known feature of one of that model when they get "well used".   I know more or less how they work, but I'm not a copier tech'.  However I'd expect a truely knowlegable and experienced tech to tell you if it's a quick (low cost) job to clean it, or if any new parts are needed, with no commitment.

When you ask, take an example print with you, and also one that should be a blank page.

Hope something helps.

daiwhyteAuthor Commented:
Thank you both.
Glad to be of some help.
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