lexmark 3550 driver does not install on windows 7 64bits

I am trying to install a Lexmark 3550 driver on Windows 7 64 bits.
This is a Wi-Fi and USB printer
I found the correct driver on the manufacturer website, and the install procedure does not show ant error, but at the end the driver is not installed.
The same driver works on Windows 7 32bits.
The Microsoft tech site and the Lexmark site say the driver is ok for Windows 7 64bit.

How can I fund out what's is going wrong with the install ?
Is there a way to manually add this printer.
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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If yes, it is a discontinued product and does not offically supported under windows 7.

Try the vista 64 bit driver instead from the link below.

Hi their.

Try this link, http://www.siliconguide.com/drivers/device/188/

I download all my drivers from this site, never had a problem with any of them.

I am not sure which driver you have downloaded and used.  Below is the link, where you can donload the Windows 7 drivers for your printer.  Please try and post your comments.


Regards, Fayaz
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rsekkelAuthor Commented:
Hi !

Thanks for your prompt attention to my email.

I already tried the drivers from this site, with no success.

When I connect the printer to the USB port Windows can't find the driver installed, so it suggests the driver download from Lexmark site - you just have to click for the download. But even after installing this driver (with no errors or warnings), the system cannot find the driver.


Try connecting to pc, instead of picking driver, pick WINDOWS UPDATE.
This may take several minutes to populate the box.
Pick the lexmark driver from here and test.
they should just install. have you tried restarting your machine?

Here is another site you can try:

http://driverscollection.com/?H=X3550&By=Lexmark&SS=Windows 7 64-bit

If this installation fails, then it is not the drivers.
Jackie ManCommented:
Normally 32 bit driver will not work for 64 bit OS.

Try to extract the dirver package manually by WinRAR and see whether there is a x64 folder inside and manually point to that x64 folder when you are asked for the location of the drive.
Jackie ManCommented:
I have just downloaded and extracted the lexmark driver from http://support.lexmark.com/index?page=content&id=DR19532&docLocale=en_US&segType=recommendedSegmentMICROSOFT and my finding indicates that this driver will not work under 64 bit os as it is designed for x86 OS.

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