Sorting the result of a stored procedure.

I have a stored procedure that returns a recordset that is used in various ASP forms.

Depending on where I am displaying the results I need to sort them differently.

My current SQL Statement in ASP/VBscript looks like this:

SQLStmt = "exec dbo.usp_CurrentWasteOrderRecords " & v_siteid & ";"

Is there a way of adding and ORDER BY statement to this. If not, how do I go about Sorting the records outside the stored procedure?
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dwe761Connect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
A number of questions come to mind by your last comments...
1) If you are populating a recordset, couldn't you sort the recordset?  (The down side is the SQL Server is no longer doing the heavy lifting if the recordset is large).
2) Is your column(s) used in the order by not fixed? That's an additional consideration if this is the case.

3) Are you able to create new stored procs on your SQL Server?
If so, you could use my suggested approach as a second stored proc which would be a wrapper around yours.  Then you'd pass it your normal parameter(s) but in addition, pass your field name(s) to be used in the order by clause.
Then when you call the stored proc from your code, you'd use the name of the wrapper stored proc as follows:
MyOrderBy = "'ID, LastName'"
SQLStmt = "exec dbo.usp_CurrentWasteOrderRecords_Sorted " & v_siteid & ", MyOrderBy ;"

CREATE PROC usp_CurrentWasteOrderRecords_Sorted( 
	@v_siteid int,
	@sOrderBy varchar(100)

[id] int,
name varchar(64),
[my other fields...]

exec  dbo.usp_CurrentWasteOrderRecords @v_siteid

exec ('SELECT * FROM #tmp ORDER BY ' + @sOrderBy)

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dwe761Software EngineerCommented:
You can put the results into a #temp table end then query the #temp table with an Order By.

[id] int,
name varchar(64),
[my other fields...]

exec dbo.usp_CurrentWasteOrderRecords ...

FROM #tmp

--Clean up
Ryan ChongCommented:
you can also try put the order by as your parameters and pass them into your stored procedure, like:

orderBy = "myfield desc"

SQLStmt = "exec dbo.usp_CurrentWasteOrderRecords " & v_siteid & " ", '" & orderBy & "' ;"

Then in your store procedure, construct the select statement and execute it using EXEC command.

hope this helps
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dwe761Software EngineerCommented:
Keep in mind that my suggested approach makes these assumptions:
1) You do not have the ability to update the original stored proc usp_CurrentWasteOrderRecords, and
2) usp_CurrentWasteOrderRecords only returns one set of results (i.e. one select statement)

For a more complete discussion on the options, try these links:
splantonAuthor Commented:
Hi dwe761, This seems to work fine in SQl but does not seem to work as a command to populate a record set from ASp/VBscript. e.g.:

SQLStmt = "CREATE TABLE #tmp(WasteOrderHeaderId INT,WasteOrderDetailId INT,OrderRef CHAR(10),ContainerDesc varchar(40),WasteTypeDesc varchar(40),ContainerSizeDesc varchar(40),WasteOrderStatusDesc varchar(40),Active BIT) INSERT INTO #tmp exec dbo.usp_CurrentWasteOrderRecord " & parm01 & " SELECT * FROM #tmp ORDER BY " & v_orderby & " " & v_desc & ";"

Set RS_WasteOrder01 = Connection01.Execute(SQLStmt)

It doesn't populate the record set with anything but works fine in the SQL MS :(
splantonAuthor Commented:
Hi ryancys,
Sort of went down this route myself and found that you cannot use a variable '@myvar' in an order by clause. Got stuffed at this point :(
Ryan ChongCommented:
>>you cannot use a variable '@myvar' in an order by clause.

post your SP usp_CurrentWasteOrderRecords here if necessary.

basically make sure you concatenate the string correctly in your SP, without including @myvar as part of the string itself.
The reason Execute doesn't work is that you are trying to send more than one command.

You can use the ExecuteBatch method of your DataAdapter to run what is essentially a batch of two comments (if you are using ADO.NET

Because your code makes reference to a connection, I'm thinking you are likely using a legacy version of ADO. Unfortunately I don't have a reference handy, but I'm positive there is a way to run a batch with pre .Net ADO.

Another option... Create a new SP that takes the same parameters; creates the temp table and executes the select. You will need to build the SELECT statement as a string (inside the SP), and execute it using sp_executesql statement.
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