Ttansfer Windows XP Pro with all programs to a new PC

I just purchased a Dell Precision Workstation and I want to transfer Windows XP, with all my programs (I do not have some of the installation CDs) from my old Dell Dimension to this computer.

I've tried reinstallation of Windows XP Professional with the provided Dell CD - I chose the second "repair" (install) option and it worked OK on a Dell Optiplex GX620 (the GX620 is about 3 years old). This method does not finish the repair install on the new Dell Precision - instead it does a continuous reboot (I see a blue screen flash, but it's too fast to pause or read - I think i see 0x0000007B).
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MarkieSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Good luck..  Sounds like you're on the right track
MarkieSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You're reboot is hitting SATA/RAID/AHCI Mass storage device driver issues.  Stop 7B indicates the setup cannot locate the hard drive.

If you're not bothered about Hard drive performance go into the BIOS and change to SATA options to Legacy/ID

you can't do through this way. The new Dell has new Hardware so it needs new Drivers. You have to install Windows again.


You can save an image of the HDD and create a windows installation cd which will install all your programs with OS installation.
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MarkieSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do it this way but whether it's legal depends on your licensing situation.  

Sounds like you are using your old windows XP disk to install on the new Precision.  Officially Windows XP license on your old machine CANNOT be transferred to the new machine.  

 As you get the STOP0x0007B error you need to download and install the correct Mass Storage Device Drivers when you see the F6 prompt during setup.  Put these drivers on a floppy disk (Yes - it's still used!!) and hit F6 when prompted during the XP setup

edbedbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are able to change the SATA mode as suggested by MarkieS it will work.

It might not be called Legacy/ID though. It could be IDE, ATA or compatible mode.
Michael DyerSenior Systems Support AnalystCommented:
go into the bios by hitting F2 at start up
once in the bios goto "Advanced"
Hit <Enter> on "Integrated Peripherals"
and then Hit <Enter> on the Sata -ATA Configuration
and set it to Sata 1+2
save your bios and your drives may work
Does your new system have an operating system already installed?  If yes, one potential option would be the purchase of PCMover.  I've used it with success in the past.  It doesn't pick up every program, and some of the programs need re-activated, but it does a very fair job.  Another option, albeit one that adds a small layer of complexity, is to utilize a p2v solution ( and create a virtual machine from your old system.  Install Virtualbox on your new system and you can have an exact duplicate of your old machine running on your new hardware.
tcexperts77Author Commented:
My Dell Optiplex (the one that works) has both SATA and IDE controllers built into the motherboard, but the Dell Precision (the one I really need and that doesn't work) has only SATA.  I would prefer not to change the BIOS, so I am thinking the option to install mass storage drivers would be better.  What drivers would I use - the Intel Matrix storage drivers or the Western Digital hardware drivers (both are posted on Dell's website).   I don't have a floppy drive right now - can I use USB?   Also, I am not worried about Windows license because both computers are Windows XP (it's just that I don't have the install CD for one custom foxpro-type program that is on the old Dell Dimension).
ok... so here is my take as an Image Builder... we have several models of desktop, that we successfully build from one image...

Prep your source computer:
1. Take a backup image and set the image aside.
2. Remove all hardware utilities (like Dell QuickSet, video driver extensions, etc...)
3. Copy all the drivers for the new Dell to C:\Drivers
4. Install the SATA drivers. I know this is counter intuitive because the hardware doesn't exist yet, but Windows needs to know where the drivers are. You might need to right-click each of the INF files for the SATA drivers and choose install.
5. Run sysprep.exe -mini -reseal. The computer will shutdown automatically. DO NOT BOOT INTO WINDOWS The next time the computer boots, it will run mini-setup, which will install any missing drivers.
6. Take a new image of the drive (or you can copy disk to disk)

Apply the image
1. Apply the new image created in step 5 above
2. Allow the drive to boot into Windows, you will see that Windows Setup starts.
3. Complete the setup process, you will need the product key.
4. Once setup is done, you will have your old Windows installation, with old software and new drivers installed.

You can restore the backup image to the old computer if something goes wrong or you want to keep using it.
tcexperts77Author Commented:
Which SATA drivers do I use (see my previous reply)?
If I recall, the SATA drivers "install"  is a program - I don't know where it puts the "new" inf files.
Can I use Acronis Migrate Easy to copy disk to disk?
jeff77torConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try running the program to install the drivers. If it fails, there should be an extract only option. Give me the model of the new Dell and I can find out how to extract without installing.

Yes, Acronis should be just fine.

I do strongly recommend creating an image file of the working system before you start the process though.

When you start playing with the OS, installing drivers that don't belong, and putting it back into install mode with Sysprep, things can go horribly wrong.

Perhaps I should have mentioned... This is not fool proof... Might take some experimenting to get it right... Then again... Could work first time.

The upshot of this method is that all the programs get migrated and will still work as they did on the original system.

Let me know if you run into anymore snags and good luck!
tcexperts77Author Commented:
First of all, I want to thank all the people for responding to my question.  The level of expertise here is SOO much better than "".  To jeff77tor, I wasn't able to follow your method because the old Dell was a 2-hour drive from me.  I had a clone of the hard drive with me, so I followed the advise from MarkieS and downloaded the Dell SATA drivers to a floppy disk.  I also later followed the advise from edbedb to change the controller settings in the BIOS to ATA.  

Here is what happened:  I connected a USB floppy drive and my cloned "old" drive to the new Dell PC.  I pressed the F6 key when I started the Dell XP Pro SP3 install CD and loaded the SATA RAID drivers.  there was a major glitch with this, because the install could not find the USB floppy AFTER it deleted the old OS (system?) files and was ready to begin copy of the "new" files.  I had to abort that installation, but I rebooted and continued with a 2nd try of reinstall - this time I changed the BIOS to ATA and tried the repair reinstall again.  I think  it's OK - it started up!  But, I have to go to work now and won't be able to try the programs till later today.  

I'll respond later with the results.  Thanks again!!
You could always download the trial version of symantec system recovery desktop edition, take an image of the PC and do a bare metal restore to the new one.

Just a thought..
tcexperts77Author Commented:
MarkieS provided the most helpful info and edbedb helped with the suggestion about the BIOS config. and jeff77tor gave me confidense & the recommendation to make backup copies, just in case.
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