MS Cluster 2008 - Remove quorum disk

Is it possible to remove a quorum disk without having to destroy the entire cluster?
I have tried looking online for this but havent had much luck.
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kevinhsiehConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Removing the quorum disk doesn't destroy the cluster, and in fact you should add/remove it as you go from an even/odd number of nodes. Clusters with an even number of nodes should have a quorum disk, cluster with an odd number of nodes should not. Changing the quorum type is non-disruptive to the operation of a healthy cluster.
cjameson74Author Commented:
How do you do it within the gui or command line?
I do it from GUI.

What is it that you are trying to get to? Do you now have a cluster with an odd number of nodes? Do you want to just move/recreate the quorum?
cjameson74Author Commented:
I have a cluster with one quorum which i want to delete
Andres PeralesCommented:
You need the quorum for your cluster, you should not get rid of it!
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