DeltaCopy Usage, File permissions and read-only status

I'm using DeltaCopy:

I have two Windows machines, one is Windows 7 running the DeltaCopy client, the other is Windows 2003 Server running DeltaCopy server. When the sync runs it turns all the folders to read-only on the server. I've checked that the read-only box is NOT checked off on the server and I see no settings on the client that should turn the folders read only. Perhaps there is a parameter I can add to the profile to prevent the folders from becoming read-only. The read-only status is causing major problems because the folder is shared from the server and remote users need to be able to access it.
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TechStudioConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I'm also considering scheduling a batch job that takes the folders out of read-only status since I can't find anything in the program or parameters that could be causing this.
TechStudioAuthor Commented:
I've got a post up on the forums of the software's author, hoping for a solution there too.
did u get the solution?
TechStudioAuthor Commented:
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