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We have an unfortunate situation. A manager has added one of his PA's as a delegate to his mailbox so that she sees his meeting invites etc. The PA is being moved to another division.

Is there anyway to remove the PA as a delegate without actually logging into the manager's mailbox?

Any way via Powershell, AD etc?

Exchange 2007, Outlook 2007,
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You can remove the sendonbehalf right with powershell

You should be able to remove the in-mailbox folder permissions with PFDAVAdmin

It is far easier though to just go into the mailbox and remove the PA
Pretty sure this can only be remidied from the Outlook Client on the users machine, but I could be wrong.
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bruce_77Author Commented:
> You can remove the sendonbehalf right with powershell

Does removing the SendOnbehalf also remove the Delegate right? If so, that would be perfect!
No, delegate rights include folder permissions e.g. Editor on Calendar etc. Removing sendonbehalf does not remove those.

Also, I was doing some testing today and found that if you remove the sendonbehalf right and then modify anything on the delegate tab, it gives the delegate the sendonbehalf right again...

So it is best to open the delegated mailbox as a primary mailbox in Outlook and remove the Delegation from there.
bruce_77Author Commented:
Hi Meganuke

Do you know how I'd remove using PFDAV admin?
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