toshiba - cost to fix bios password

i have a toshiba laptop that needs its bios password reset. i called the closest authorized dealer, but they would not give an estimate on phone.

i'd rather know if it is worth it before traveling the miles.

any experience how much you were charged or know they charge as a rule? does every dealer charge the same or not necessarily?

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jimswebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
depending on the service provider they charge anywhere between $100 to $200. One of friends were telling that some professional service providers for old IBM (now lenova) laptops charge whopping $950!

What i suggest is please do have a look at his and if possible give try. You may end up saving some bucks. :)
asiduConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Write to toshiba contact and ask for a quote giving your details.
In different countries the charges could be different.
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anushahannaAuthor Commented:
jim, thx for link but that does not apply for the model in question, unfortunately: a105- s2001 toshiba
anushahannaAuthor Commented:
>some fix it with a master password - others replace the motherboard

so even Toshina themselves may not be able to simply reset the password with their tools? if replacing motherboard, could i put a newer motherboard myself?
anushahannaAuthor Commented:
>>In different countries the charges could be different.
usa-i will check for quotes. hopefully they are only in the 100-200 range.
if it costs too much - you cna look for services to change the bios chip
anushahannaAuthor Commented:
>>if it costs too much - you cna look for services to change the bios chip

thanks for the idea - do you  mean just get a (bios) chip and replace it; is it too technical to do (you mentioned "look for services"); how much would a chip (+service) cost (approx)...
anushahannaAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot nobus
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