BES Users not able to browse Internet

Hi All,
The Issue at hand :
All our Blackberry users are not able to access the Internet on their phone.
We have no policies in place, they are all Blank.
I have no software configurations
My "Connection Service" is stoped and is not set as a Push Server.
The client in question is a Blackberry 9700 that I need working asap.
We are in Sydney,  they are in New Zealand.
All other Sydney users do not have the Internet.
We are running "Blackberry Professional Software Version" :
We have not been able to upgrade that version,  as there is some version issue,  and it would cost money to upgrade,  and a whole lot of "drama",  least to say,  we can not upgrade it.
I would really prefer if I did not have to go in the DB to fix this,  but,  if so,  I am willing to.  
The users are getting this message when the try to access the Browser :
"A Communication failure occured with the selected mobile data service,  the server maybe busy.  Please try again later."
All I want to do, is let the BlackBerry decide what APN to use,  the New Zealand use a differnt provider to the Australia.  The Blackberry is capable of getting this information,  because when you freshly format the phone,  it configures the Internet fine,  and you can access the Internet,  as soon as it joins the BES network,  it falls apart.
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Rob KnightConsultantCommented:

Try using Browser instead of BlackBerry browser?


Rob KnightConsultantCommented:

If you have an internal web-proxy for your organisation, you can configure the MDS-CS to use this, thereby ensuring that existing content management controls your organisation has in place are also 'extended' to the BlackBerry devices?

Have you tried setting a different browser as the default in options - it has probably defaulted to the BlackBerry browser where as you can select other options, depending on service books etc.



danmandichAuthor Commented:
Hi All,
The answer was 3 steps :
1) on the BB Smartphone > click on Manage Connections > Mobile Network Options > Data Services needs to be set to ON
2) Delete Service Books: Desktop [IPPP] , Desktop [BrowserConfig] and resend Service Books to the Device.
3) Go into Options, Advanced Options, Browser and set your fefault browser to Internet Browser.

Source for step 1 + 2
Source for step 3
danmandichAuthor Commented:
RobMobility helped get me on the right track
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