What are the differences between BES and BESX

I've looked through this PDF and can't really see what you DON'T get if you use BESX rather than BES. Except you don't get "Premium IT Features" (what are these???) and can't use BES with PBX or desk phones...

I'm thinking for use with Lotus Domino if that makes a difference.

Anyone able to throw some light on this?
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Rob KnightConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

You may want to check out the following Q&A Session:


This seems to indicate that you can use BIS plans, but activation must be via cable (Web Desktop or Desktop Manager) as opposed to Enterprise Activation (OTA).


Hello !

The most important thing you need to check is if your data plan allows connecting to BESX. Depending on your current plan, you may have to switch to a bigger (and more expensive) plan so "free" may not come cheap.

Rob KnightConsultantCommented:

BES X or BlackBerry Enterprise Server Xpress is a free, cut-down solution.

BES or BlackBerry Enterprise Server is the full blown solution supporting High Availability, component distribution, 305+ IT Policies etc.


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Rob KnightConsultantCommented:
Sam654Author Commented:
Thanks RobMobility, very useful.

SylvainDrapeau: Are you saying that you might need a different data plan if you're connecting to BESX than if you're connecting to a BES? Seems strange, but please clarify.
SylvainDrapeauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, that's not what I said. But after reading it again, what I said was incredibly unclear. Sorry.

What I wanted to say was that BESX connectivity is restricted to particular data plans. For example, if you have a BIS only plan, you won't be able to connect to BESX. I believe the requirements are the same for BES and BESX (somehow I couldn't find the exact information anywhere). It's just that BESX is free BUT you still have some requirements to meet.

In short, if you have a bunch of Blackberries with BIS plans, you won't be able to connect to your Domino server through BESX.

I hope this clears things up a little.

Iain MacMillanConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
you may also find some carriers have 2 different handsets, some handsets are labelled on the box as BES Enterprise only, if you happen to have BIS handsets, you might need some guidance on how they can be connected to BES, if at all.  I'm pretty sure you can add BIS handsets to BESX though.

If you don't need lots of policies or do not need to push out applications/highavailability, then BESX should be enough for you, plus you don't have CAL costs.
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