Dell Inspiron 9400 GPU fan not working..

I have a three year old Inspiron 9400 T7200 GeForce 7900GS, W7HP, and the GPU fan has stopped - the temp is around 60-70C for browsing/email streaming video, but anything more taxing and it starts to climb - the CPU also starts to get hot up to 90c plus and then the screen stutters and shutdown is the only way out.

I'm using I8kfanGUI for temps and it reports the temps OK, but if I manually turn the GPU fan on it says full on but gives an RPM of 1958 but the fan doesn't move.

Can I get a replacement fan.. is it the same fan as the CPU cooling fan? (I've seen these on ebay).

Is there anything else to try first?  It looks like a bit of a pain replacing it according to the service manual, pretty much have to strip the whole thing down :-(

Are cooling mats any good as an interim measure?

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The 9400 has 2 fans a gpu fan and a cpu fan . The part# for the gpu fan is J5455, the cpu fan is part# D5927. I recently replaced the gpu fan on my M1710 which uses a the same motherboard, chassis and fan setup(mine just has the color changing leds on the fans). Here's a link to the service manual for the I9400.
Lionk to several gpu fans on ebay
can it be a bad driver ?
here a disassembly guide :
yes- there is only one fan : the cpu fan -  so check if it turns.
clean the fan and vents -  and replace the heat paste while it's open
chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
I don't think it's the driver, the article relates to PC cards not laptops.. there are two fans, the CPU fan and one on the other side for the GPU.. I haven't seen any ads for the second one, only for the CPU fan, hence my question.
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chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
Thanks I've ordered a new fan - how can I check that the old one is actually broken and it's not a mobo problem (before the new fan arrives) ??
"how can I check that the old one is actually broken and it's not a mobo problem "

If the fan does not spin freely or maybe will start spinning with a little help you will know it's the fan.

Otherwise, you would have to power the fan from a different source to see if it works or connect a known working fan to the GPU fan header to test.
chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
Yeah I was just wondering what voltage they ran on so I could connect t directly to a spare PC power supply.
The voltage is often stamped on the fan.
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