Force network printer to just talk with print server (AKA disabling client's access to printer over network)

My case is that I have network printer, print server. But in my network some people does not use print server.
they are using printer directly as network printer. Is there any way define rule that will force printer talk just with print server other than client machines.

Thanks in advance
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can always find the IP address by printing a configuration page (read your manual...).

However, the server knows the address (otherwise it couldn't send the jobs to the printer). You can check it by simply looking under the Ports tab in printer Properties on the server - not on a client. If necessary click on the Configure Port button and you will see it.
StefanKampConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no firewall/block functionality within the builtin printserver. Most easy solution would be to put the printers in a different VLAN, (based on cisco switching) create an access-list extended, for example allowing port 9100 only be used by your (windows)printserver.
StefanKampConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If above may be difficult or you don't have the proper infrastructure to apply this; an easy, but ugly solution is this:

Move the printers to another subnet (ip range), connect the subnet to the second network adapter of the printserver(spooler) along with the printers (make sure that the second adapter has an IP in the new and same range as the printers), modify the queues to the printers new IP address. Done. There is no routing and connectivity between your clients and the physical printers.
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TungaalperAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replies. second one sounds great.  I have some basic questions. In my case I can not psychically move printers. Some printer  are on some are on an so on.
And all this networks are on the different switches(of course there are users on switches).

Can I still define sub ip range for printer while they are in different networks and switches.
Do I have to define also gateway. And I if define gateway can this gateway enables user to access printers.
Most network printers let you set up a list of IP addresses from which it will accept data. All other addresses are ignored. If you set the printer up so the server is the only allowed address, your problem is solved.

You should be able to find the setting if you type the printer's IP address into your browser. Have a look around under the various tabs and buttons. If you can't find it, tell us the printer model and someone should knw.
TungaalperAuthor Commented:
Wow that is also sounds great. But  some network printer we own does not have LCD to show it's ip.
I think I can find it on dhcp. I will let you know when I tried.  
thanks you all guys  
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