Access 2000 - add Primary key

Dear Experts,

Could you please advise if there is a table in Access with a lot of columns but without primary key, is there possibility to add? If yes then through which menus?

My target would be to add a kind of autonumber, so the first record should have key 1, the 1000th record should have 1000.

csehzIT consultantAsked:
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RunriggerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open the table in design mode, simply add a field and call it ID, set the type to Auto number.

It will automatically start at 1

You can set the primary key status using the "Key" toolbar at the top on your menu's
csehzIT consultantAuthor Commented:
I have it, thanks very much your help
csehzIT consultantAuthor Commented:
Runrigger can I ask a short yet?

For my live table which have more than 500000 records, I got error message

"File sharing lock count exceeded. Increase MaxLocksPerFile registry entry."

Do you have idea what is it?

I haven't seen that before no, it's a registry setting.

Do you know how to open the registry? (Start-Run-regedit), do a search for MaxLocksPerFile

If not, can you ask another question to the experts.
csehzIT consultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks your advise, I will try
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