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We are looking for software that we can load on our public web server so our customers/vendors can upload large files and send notifications to our employees. Really, I'm looking for a solution like any one of the online storage providers like but I'm looking for it to be a secure configuration.

There will be files such as CAD files, confidentail customer/employee data, etc...

My only requirement is that the solution be a hands off; for example after 30 days the files uploaded are purged from the system.

Is there any software (paid or free) that will work with Windows? I'm open to Linux, but our web server is presently Windows.
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pitchfordConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the solution we need. Thanks for everyone's help.
Try We've been using it for over a year to specifically send CAD files. No problems. It specifically meets your requirements.

Bits ....
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I forgot to say : these are some tools you host/customize/control yourself.
pitchford... Any feedback?

We are hoping to help you with your question. Some feedback would be useful in understanding better what you need and assist in pointing you in the right direction.

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Robo-FTP Server might be good for you.

This would give you several security options depending on how secure it has to be.  Like any FTP server you can give each user a different set of login credentials.  You can give each user their own virtual "root" so they can only see files that they uploaded and not each other's data.  You can use FTPS or SFTP to encrypt the transmission itself with SSL or SSH.  You can use PGP... you give the users a copy of your public PGP key and ask them to only upload files encrypted with it... then only YOUR can decrypt the files using your private PGP key.  You can have Robo-FTP decrypt the PGP encrypted files automatically as they arrive.

Since Robo-FTP Server allows you to write a script that runs whenever someone drops a file you could have it decrypt the PGP file, send you an email notice, move the file to another location that is not visible to the FTP server, and then delete any existing files over 30 days old.

Robo-FTP Server software runs on Windows but it isnt free.  It does have a 30-day eval so you can see if it works for you.
pitchfordAuthor Commented:
I found someone who referred me to this website.
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