Cisco Router Connection

I am capturing Cisco Router to console right now (with hyper terminal), to find out the reason router lossing connection/power cycling. Is there specific command to find out the Deatiled reason for this? I don't want to use debug it will kill the router
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Istvan KalmarConnect With a Mentor Head of IT Security Division Commented:
you need to enable logging

conf t
logg buff deb
logg buff 9192
terminal monitor

it will shows the logs online

I advise to send syslog information to a syslog server:

conf t
logging host x.x.x.x

Best regards,
If it keeps losing power or power cycling it might be a problem with the power cable or power supply.
tech1guyAuthor Commented:
@kalmar...consiole logging is enabldd by default.I am getting all logs, I want to know is there more specific command 4 that.nd buffered deb command will put overload on routerr......
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