internet explorer and Flash

Flash will not work on my internet explorer. I have Windows 7 32 bit. Flash works fine on Chrome

I have tried:

1 changing security settings
2 changing browser (8 and 9)
3 uninstalling and reinstalling
4 scanning for viruses
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BitsBytesandMoreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lol... Most of the time it is easier to reinstall Windows fresh than to do a repair with the added bonus that nothing beats a fresh install regarding cleaning up the registry from previous application installs and un-installs, corruption problems, malware, etc....

This said, sometimes you have so many applications installed (like I do) that to get back to the point where you have everything configured and running smoothly....just as you like it...takes weeks to get back to the same point.

The "Repair Install" is great in the sense that it will keep your applications installed and your settings and just basically overwrite the damaged portions of Windows (except for the areas that are color coded in red in the article).

If you don't mind just sticking to Chrome (I'm a perfectionist so this is something that would be constantly bothering me)... then yes... this would be a workaround solution.

One last thing you might want to check before you give up: from the command prompt (as administrator) run the following:

sfc /scannow (notice the space between the "c" and the "/").

This command will check and verify all your critical OS files to make sure they are in their correct versions and not corrupt or missing. You may need you have your Windows DVD handy since if it finds any problem, like a missing file, it will ask you to insert it.

Keep me posted.

Bits ....
I assume that when you uninstalled Flash, you did it following Adobe's instructions. If not, do it the way they recommend (it has been a source of grief for many of us):

Next remove all the different versions of IE you may have and re-install using this instruction:
To Reinstall IE (Internet Explorer): Start/Run/shmgrate.exe OCInstallReinstallIE

Then reinstall Flash again and test.

Keep us posted on your progress.

Bits ...
zelfanetAuthor Commented:
That did not work. Any other ideas??
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Windows 7 Basic

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Try the Windows "In place Repair Install to Fix Windows 7".

Follow these instructions step by step (notice that the advice is "color coded")....

Bits ...

zelfanetAuthor Commented:

I am not doing that reinstall of windows. Who knows what else that will change....
Well, you've done all you can do. Uninstalled Flash according to Adobe's instructions. Uninstalled IE.  Reinstalled IE (Internet Explorer) using the "Microsft way" with: Start/Run/shmgrate.exe OCInstallReinstallIE .

Other than the Windows 7 Repair install I can only suggest that you scan your computer thoroughly for viruses, spyware or other malware.

This does not sound like a virus or malware but it will never hurt to scan before we make any other changes....otherwise we might be mislead into believing that the changes were inefective.

My advice at this point would be to scan for malware:
Follow this procedure to the will prevent further frustrations if you do have malware:

1.Go into Safe Mode with networking by pressing F8 while booting your computer.
2.Then go to this website and download this program: MalwareBytes Anti Malware:
3.Before download..Important: Rename MalwareBytes before saving its files to the desktop as malware can recognize the name and block it unless renamed.
4.While still in Safe Mode, Go to Start-Run and type: Msconfig
5.Once in the Msconfig application, go to the "Services Tab" and select:"hide all Microsoft services" select the remaining and disable".
6.Then go to the Startup Tab and disable ALL entries there as well. Close the window. You will get a prompt to Reboot..allow it.
7.After the system boots go into NORMAL will give you a warning regarding the changes made by msconfig: Select do not warn me again.
8.Now you can run the anti-Malware application your renamed and saved on your desktop above.
9.If viruses, spyware, malware, etc. are found allow the program to clean them.

You should also run a scan with Hitman Pro . It may detect the presence of a rootkit or  rogue proxy setting ...
If the problem persists...go to  and follow the instructions.

Keep me posted on your progress.....
Bits ...

zelfanetAuthor Commented:

Ialready used combofix to make super sure there was no viruses. If you tell me this is all I can do, I will just stick with Chrome...
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