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hi i  need help with macro .. i been tryin to extract few values from the data ... but cant seem to get it .. i am attaching a example file and it has what i need the macro to do .. in this case i have done manually, but in future .. there will be alot more data so it will be little difficult to do it manually.

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jeff77torConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey Zoomer...

I think your manual work might have missed a few items... That or you will need to be more specific about what you are looking for.

The attached macro works according to the following rules:
- Creates a new sheet for the summary data
- Looks for the following items and adds their data values to the appropriate column:
"cno_mean", "sync_agc_gain", "GPS_SIRF_STP Total",  "GPS_SIRF_STP Sets of data", "New max", "New min"

You can easily change the parsing keys yourself by modifying the first line of the ParseData macro.
'Change the keys if you want to look for something different.
    parseKeys = Array("cno_mean", "sync_agc_gain", "GPS_SIRF_STP Total", _
    "GPS_SIRF_STP Sets of data", "New max", "New min")

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Let me know if you need for help.
sdwalkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think the code embedded in this version will do exactly what you want.

Good luck,

at this point, I see no correlation between column A data and the box to right, or even if you want to do something with it.  you'll need to explain your goal and what exactly you've done manually.
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zoomer003Author Commented:
hey sd walker .. you got the concept right but there might be a slight error in the code! cuz the result i got from your macro is bit different from what i got manually .. i would highly appreciate if you could fix it out! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I'm coming back from lunch right now. I'll check it out in a few minutes.
The only differences I see are:
   - you have an AGC of 1 for time 15:02:57.938, which is incorrect
   - you have a New Min for time 15:04:30.984, which isn't in the data
   - you have several timestamps that are incorrect.

I think my version is exactly right, given the inputs.
zoomer003Author Commented:
Hey guys i jus need little more help... i actually want more data to be parsed .. i am sorry for makin you guys work extra .. sorry .. any help will be highly appreciated!

"svid", "period", "cno_mean", "cno_sigma", "clock drift", "clock offset", "phase lock", "rtc_frequency", "e_to_acq_ratio", "sync_agc_gain", "GPS_SIRF_STP Total", _
    "GPS_SIRF_STP Sets of data", "New max", "New min"
Ok... Slight change of the code...

Now you can change the keys AND headers at will...

The parse keys are the text items searched for in the data. The parse keys need to be an exact match to the data. The colTitles are is the header text in the summary table. The colTitles need to be in the same order, but can have any text you want inside the quotes.


    'Change the keys if you want to look for something different.
    parseKeys = Array("svid", "period", "cno_mean", "cno_sigma", "clock drift", "clock offset", "phase lock", "rtc_frequency", "e_to_acq_ratio", "sync_agc_gain", "GPS_SIRF_STP Total", "GPS_SIRF_STP Sets of data", "New max", "New min")
    ' List of column headers
    Dim colTitles As Variant
    colTitles = Array("Time", "svid", "period", "cno_mean", "cno_sigma", "clock drift", "clock offset", "phase lock", "rtc_frequency", "e_to_acq_ratio", "sync_agc_gain", "GPS_SIRF_STP Total", "GPS_SIRF_STP Sets of data", "New max", "New min")

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