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I have a root domain, lets call it:  I created a child domain.  Called

why is it that i cannot place my account (in parent domain) in the domain admins of  

what sense does this make?  The enterprise admins were added to the Domain controllers administrators group, but not domain admins.
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ahh, it needs to be a universal group I believe ;)
Glen KnightCommented:
Because the domain admins is specific to eachdomain, allowing the delegation of permissions for that domain only.

The enterprise admins is then added to the domain admins to give an Enteprise or Forest administration group.
beaconlightboyAuthor Commented:
You said -
"The enterprise admins is then added to the domain admins to give an Enteprise or Forest administration group. "

yes - but i cannot add the enterpise admins to my child domain's domain admins group.  Therefore my enterprise admins, are not so enterprise :(.

i believe that is because it is a global group and can only contain domain users.
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beaconlightboyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
yes but the default domain admins group is a global group.  you can't change it.  So i guess what i'm saying is, that by default when you add a child domain.  youre enterprise admins are not really enterprise admins because they can't administer any servers in that child domain unless they are explicitely added to that servers administrators group, or they have an account in the child domain that is in the domain admins group for the child domain.

if this is true, then i have to throw down a wtf on that one?
Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh sorry, I see what your saying wood and trees and all that.

Yes, that is correct ;) you need to create a new group.
beaconlightboyAuthor Commented:
Fantastic.  I just wasn't thinking clearly (like microsoft).  It's obvious the 'Enterprise' is not all domains. LOL.

thanks for the clarification.
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