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Hello Fellow Experts,

I want to propose to my job to upgrade from SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 Standard but I have a couple important questions before I send up the proposal. I understand that SBS 2011 has gotton rid of Remote Web Workplace and Small Business Connector and changed it to Remote Web Access but I have a few people that have a laptop that they use at work and at home so they dont have a desktop computer to connect to at work. I am wondering is it possible to set up Outlook to work locally on the laptop without using Remote Web Access and in order for this to work I believe I have to setup VPN Access.

In summary:
Has anybody setup VPN access and Local Outlook access to avoid using RWA totally so that they can map to the share drive locally on the laptop? Is it even possible to work remotely without using RWA?
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ormerodrutterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No there is no need to setup VPN. You can do with Outlook Anywhere. You can simply google Outlook Anywhere and it should return hundreds of hits. However, in SBS2011 you need to install a commercial certificate in order to get Outlook Anywhere to work, self-assigned cert won't work in 2011.
jamar_rolandAuthor Commented:
Ok that seems to take care of outlook but what about accessing the share drive to work on files while away from the office?
Access files will need VPN or RDC (similar to RWW). Another way of doing it is to use Sharepoint (but I am not too familiar with this so can't help with Sharepoint).
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markdmacConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have setup 4 SBS 2011 so far. Use my SBS 2008 FAQ to enable VPN like you have with 2003.

Note that the new RWW will give your users access to file shares via the web without VPN, however file access is easier still with VPN.

As mentioned above you can use Outlook Anywhere to configure the Outlook client. On the server get a GoDaddy cert, use promo code PROMOSSL and a 3 year cert will only cost you $38 versus around $140 normally.
jamar_rolandAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mark restored confidence in my proposal! Your website seems to be catered more to the beta releases, do you think they will still apply for the most part on the actual release?
Yes, it all still aplies.  We participated in TAPs with Microsoft on RTM code and since then have deployed the retail versions.  Same stuff applies.  It is regrettable that MS never fixed the VPN issue since SBS 2008 was released.  The SBS team blames it on the Windows group.  I blame the SBS team for not finishing the job.
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