want to set permission on my cpanel and directadmin panel also

i have one cpanel and one directadmin panel now i want to set some permission on these panel
1-on one folder only i can download the data but dont upload anything
2-on anothor folder only upload the files but dont download anything

so can you tell me that how can i set these permission
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LinuxGuruConnect With a Mentor Linux Server AdministratorCommented:

Sorry. Could you please elaborate? Do you wish to create a folder for a account through cPanel and Directadmin and set the above restrictions ?
John-Paul75Author Commented:
yes for example i create one folder in public_html  by name test
now i wnat that test folder only upload the data but dont download any file from that folder if anyone try to download the file like this
he fail to download
LinuxGuruConnect With a Mentor Linux Server AdministratorCommented:
Ok, have you tried the password protecting directories option in cPanel and directadmin?
John-Paul75Author Commented:
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