How to discover who is a malicious blogger is

I have a friend who sent me this email:

"It’s www.<name removed>.com and a poster named <name removed> for years has said some ugly things about me. I thought I heard on a program that there was  a way to go to their posts and learn where that post came from – I COULD BE WRONG"

He is constantly being tortured by this person and the only way to stop this person is to legally confront him/her. But, so far, he has been unsuccessful in determining who this person is.

Can you help?

Thanks, in advance.

Lenny Gray

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lancecurwensvilleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is possible to find out the IP of the poster from the blogging hosting company, utilize that IP to trace the person's ISP, and get the information from them.  Unfortunately, all of this is not possible for the average person, in order for this to be done, you will have to contact Law Enforcement Personel, who will obtain legal papers from a magistrate or judge (depending on where you live), and the ISP will provide this information.  Having said that, unless the comments are of a threatening nature, you will probably not be able to convince the law to do this for you.  
Sorry I don't get it . what exactly you are trying to track ? an email address ? or a post in a web site ?
LennyGrayAuthor Commented:
A post on the website.

Is there a way to find out the name of someone just fom their 'handle' (posting name)or email address?
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akhalighiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with lance..

A post on a website is hard to track but at least your friend can ask that hosting service to block this blog if it is insulting, they also can provide IP address of the person who owns that blog or posts to that blog.

Once you got the IP address , it can be traced easily to find his Internet service provider and eventually that person. but as lance said these things need law enforcements.

So , I'd say , start with a complain email to that web site or hosting company. at least they will warn him/her not to continue posting materials like that.
LennyGrayAuthor Commented:
If this person leaves an email address or a 'handle' (like SkiMaven), is there a way, other than Googling the name, to find this person?

I am sure that this person posts nice things on other sites where there is a social, political or hobby interest.

If you have their email address, you could purchase a one time use package from intellus, however, there is no guarantee that the person used their actual name when registering the email.  I know of no "free" ways of tracking someone from an email address.
if you get an email from him , you can check the header of it and possible get some network related information like IP addresses ,etc. it really depends on the method that he uses to send emails.
LennyGrayAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice. I was away on vacation and I just retruned. Please excuse my delay.
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