Unable to connect to application via XenApp Web Interface

I have installed XenApp 6 Platinum but did not check XML IIS integration option (did not know to).

I could not connect to configured web site until I changed the XML port number to 8080 following this article.

Now I can get to the website login but fails after attempting to login with credentials.
See error attached in 1.jpg attached.

I have the website configured.  See 2.jpg.

Any suggestions? login error Web site configured
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romatloConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Nevermind.  I had to change the port on the Web Site as well to 8080.
Carl WebsterCommented:
romatio, please close this question since you answered it yourself.  Just accept your own answer.
romatloAuthor Commented:
answered my own question
romatloAuthor Commented:
answered my own question
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