Wireless access points switching seems to loose connection to internet sites

I especially notice the my wireless connection being dropped when I am using a website that lets me create and send cards.  It seems the connection can be loss every few minutes and I have to repeat the work over and over.
Is there a setting that I can change to stay connected on my home wireless setup?
I have changed the setting to say switch automatically to better connection.  But is there one that will maintain the connection.
I am using Vista Pro
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SharonStysConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
What do you mean about layer 1 is working fine?  Is there another layer?

Browsing is slower than we would likie for both of us. But being connected directtly is not an option in the house.  We can connect by going to the router and connecting, but that is not in a working setting.

Can the loss of the connection be at the web location we are using?  This is a website that recently did a major upgrade of their product.  I do not recall having these problems before the upgrade.  Can their system be more sensitive in droping the line.  it is a site where you design a greeting card and we are loosing the connection and we loose the card design.  

Thank you Sharon
tjdabombConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What is your wireless signal strength?  are there other ppl using the wireless?  do you have bandwidth issues with a wired connection?
SharonStysAuthor Commented:
It says excellent.  Yes, one other person and solar panel monitor.  The wireless is fios.  I do not believe we have bandwidth issues with a wired connection.
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joshbulaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try disabling "Switch automatically to better connection" ... the actual switching might be the problem.  If you have any cordless telephones or other wireless devices, keep them away from the base station and your computer.  Wireless is normally going to lose connection once-in-a-while so you might be better off connecting it wired when you do things like the card sites that need a consistent connection.
SharonStysAuthor Commented:
We already did change the "Switch automatically to better connection".  I do have wireless phones and a microwave in the room.  However it is only the last couple of weeks that this problem is almost unmanageable.  
tjdabombConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Plug your computer directly into the router and check your inet speed.  if you have excellent wireless rating, then layer 1 is working fine.

Also, is inet browsing slow for the other user too?
SharonStysAuthor Commented:
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