How to add static route to ipad.

I have a network at work that we use for our webcams, on my pc I added a static route to access it easily.
Is there a way to add a static route on an IPAD.

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ludo_friendConnect With a Mentor Commented:
only way I'm aware of is to jailbreak, install SSH and add it as per a *nix box. not going to go through that one with you as I'm sure its against the EE t&c's

..but! maybe you can tell me a bit about how your webcam setup works and we can find another way for you?

Aaron TomoskyConnect With a Mentor SD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Like a hosts file? Nope. You should be able to add the route in your router or if you really mean address then your dns server ( if you have one)
ParadiseFoundAuthor Commented:
Currently we have 2 networks both local one is the other we have a 861 router between the 2.
Our default gateway is a pix 515, I added a route to pint to the other router but it currently does not work.
A few minutes ago I got a purchas order signed to get a ASA, I can program this one from scratch and maybe it will work. for the tome being I may try the SSH route,
are you able to give me a network diagram as to how the cameras fit into this?

I can't think of anything you've described that can't be done through the router rather than a static route on each device.

ParadiseFoundAuthor Commented:
Here is a quick drawing (sorry dont have visio here at home) lan diagram
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