SBS 2011 Std - Need to add email account without adding user account

I have recently added an SBS 2011 server. All is working very well with the help of the Experts on this site!
I need to add an email address and do not want to add the user account and use the CAL. This is my secondary email address that I use to sign up to mailing list's, website accounts, password resets and various other emails.
I have set up the user account on SBS 2011 for user1 and the email of and connected to it outlook. This secondary email account is critical and if possible needs to be delivered to the user1's exchange account. Let's say the new account needs to be - I need to get this email accout added to exchange as a non-user and somehow get exchange to forward/deliver the emails to the's inbox.
Thanks in advance, you guys are the best!!
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Praveen BalanConnect With a Mentor Solution ArchitectCommented:

Go to recipient configuration and add Distribution list.

But, your need here is to receive emails of both and into a single mailbox.

You can add the  email address as a secondary email address into the current mailbox.

If you quickly wanted to distinguish between the email send to both the IDs, I would suggest to create a new mailbox and set auto forward to from exchange console(Go to delivery option and set the same in mailbox properties).

You may add "TO" column into the current outlook view, so that the emails can be easily distinguished.

Or if you wanted to send emails out with the same address, you may also give full permission on the newly created mailbox and manually put the new mailbox address in From field when you send email.

not sure i fully understand your question, but can you add a DL and then make the user1 email address,, the only member of that list?
sorry, but i meant make a member of the distribution list,
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AustinComputerLabsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can add the second account as a second SMTP account on the first users mailbox.
Open EMC
Recepient Configuration
double click on the user1 object
choose email addresses
click add
type in that you want routed to user1's mailbox.
HHTech1Author Commented:
how do you add a DL? (DL is Distribution List, right?)
HHTech1Author Commented:
will the DL deliver the emails sent to to the's inbox? or do you have to... how do you access the DL's emails?
HHTech1Author Commented:
i see the delivery option tab, but where is the mailbox properties?
HHTech1Author Commented:
delivery options is under the mail flow settings tab, sorry...
HHTech1Author Commented:
ok, please tell me how to create a DL that will deliver the email to 2 different inboxes.
Praveen BalanSolution ArchitectCommented:

1. Create a DL
Navigate to Recipient Configuration -> Distribution Group
Click on 'Action'  menu and select New Distribution Group(follow the steps like naming it etc)

2. Add the members(2 mailboxes in your case) into it
Open the properties of newly created group and click on 'Members' tab.
click on Add button and select the users you want to add.

Once you have dome with the above steps, add the newly created group in mail flow setting of the mailbox from which you need the email to be forwarded.
HHTech1Author Commented:
Ok, I added the to the email address tab (smtp). That works like a charm.

Now, I am trying to add and send it to 2 different user inbox's. This is for emails that need to be delivered to 2 users. Basically they need to come in (I'm thinking into a distribution group?) and then be sent to user1 and user2 inbox's.
I have created the new distribution group. Let's call it I have added user1 and user2 in the members tab of the properties of How do I get the email to be forwarded to user1 and user2?

I know you are telling me above, but can't follow steps
{Once you have dome with the above steps, add the newly created group in mail flow setting of the mailbox from which you need the email to be forwarded},
please explain again...

HHTech1Author Commented:
The distribution group may be more than what I need.? Should I add a new email account then forward the eamils to the 2 users's inbox? If this is possible... I could only see where to forward to 1 user. could not add multiple forwards for a new email account???
Thanks for your input!
Praveen BalanSolution ArchitectCommented:

If you have created DL with email address as and added the 2 users into it, then the email sent to will automatically will deliver to both the users. No additional settings required.

HHTech1Author Commented:
Ok, I created a Distribution Group. Are the DL and the distribution group the same? Dumb question, but wnat to clearify.
Praveen BalanSolution ArchitectCommented:
HHTech1Author Commented:
Thanks EXPERTS!!!
I added the additional smtp account to the users account for the second email address and it worked great!
However, for the second issue, which was one email address that is routed to 2 existing user mailboxes... I added the DL from the EMC and it dod not work! I removed that and opened the SBS Consol and added the DL group there and all is working great.
Please post if in SBS 2011, can you still use the EMC to add Dristribution Groups??? Just want to make sure That Exchange does not have limitations when on SBS 2011. I know it is a limited Exachange server, but not sure just how limited...
Thanks again!!
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