Would this wordpress permalink structure decline performance on seo?

Generally people use this permalink structure for their wordpress blog,

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but i want to go for this, whether is it okay? would that make difference on SEO?


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so using '|' would be bad for my blog?

Any seo expert, please help me out with this, thanks in advance :)

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gwkgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The pipe character in a url is invalid, and Google does not recommend it.


Jason C. LevineConnect With a Mentor No oneCommented:

That won't work at all.  How many URLs do you see that look like:



You need to use slashes in the permalinks.
herit02Author Commented:
well that do works, here is a popular file host rapidshare using same format.
My concern was whether it has any negative SEO impact.
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Its a tad long for SEO IMO

If i was you i would only do %blogname% | %postname%

Reason being you may have a post in multiple categorys.

For wordpress i recommend the "all in one seo" package.
herit02Author Commented:
okay i might opt %blogname% | %postname%
but my main doubt is using | instead of / will make difference on seo?
Aaron @KRONiSEvangelistCommented:
Hey guys, i can chime in on this one.

Depending on how much content you have, you may or may not want to categorize it.

I detest the non-keyword  'CATEGORY' in any url. its useless. If needed you can use the 'Top Level Categories' Plugin to get rid of that.

For the Permalink Structure you have a few options:

1) /%postname%/
2) /%category%/%postname%/

these will create URLs like:  


use categories if you will populate them.

NOW if you are trying to get into things like Google News, you'll notice that aside from needing to have multiple posters (more than 3 authors at least usually) there's these strange URL requirements that can't look like a date (no 1900, 1901, 1902...)

Then you can use this:  



(if you want to prepend a category)

where you can replace '30' with ANY two digit number as long as your URLs don't look like years and months.

* Make sure to rename the 'uncategorized' category.

my latest URL looks like this: (using: /%postname%/30%post_id%/)


the number increments as you create new blog posts. google likes this.

Best - Aaron

herit02Author Commented:
guitarify, atleast read the question first before you provide any solution,
what question did i asked and what answer you gave?
it is very good of you helping, but your answer goes off-topic
The | will hinder seo as its breaking up long tail keyword searching IMO. On my blogs i only add the  | (pipe) at the end of an URL if im chucking in a keyword i want to rank for.

herit02Author Commented:
Thanks gwkg,
That was perfect! :)

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