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We have a very strange problem with Outlook 2010 and a Exchange 2007 server. When a user moves a message that has been replied of forwarded to another folder, the arrow that marks the forward or the reply has disapeared, what's very annoying. The problem occurs since Exchange has been installed (before it was pop3-mail)
I've already tried the outlook /clearview to reset the view, already tried another computer, ... still the same. Problem also occurs with another user, so it don't think it's user-related.

Thanks for your help,
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TarasShumyloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you moving messages between IMAP and Exchange? If so, then you're
effectively creating new messages, which means they've never replied to
them nor forwarded them. This is normal behavior.
bvbadeprouwConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The problem was solved, no accurate answer, so the question can be closes
bvbadeprouwAuthor Commented:
Problem was solved
bvbadeprouwAuthor Commented:
Problem was solved, our customer did not explain the problem correct, was just a click in Outlook.
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