blacklisted by google?

Our company recently had issues getting blacklisted.  We have those resolved; however, when someone sends to it goes to the recipients’ junk folder.  I’ve checked mxtoolbox as well as DNSStuff and we’re not currently on any of their known BLS.  Does anyone have any idea of how to submit a whitelist request to Google?
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n2fcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Individuals can effectively do this themselves by going to the SPAM folder, selecting the email and clicking the "THIS IS NOT SPAM" button...

Each individual must do so since, once bl'd, it will remain that way until the user removes it him/herself.

BrianRBAuthor Commented:
yeah i know, i need the domain listed.   this is a hospital and has affects patient care and services.
BrianRBAuthor Commented:
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