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Hi Experts

I have the following enabled

Wilcard subdomains enabled at host, ie subdomain.domain.com loads domain.com
I have wordpress installed and would like to be able to use certain subdomains, eg contact.domain.com to get the content from domain.com/contact

I am trying to write the htaccess and cannot get it to work. Please could somebody point me in the right direction - this is not a wordpress MU/Multisite install - just one blog

Looking forward to your replies

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gwkgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The simplest way would be @ your domain's registrar.

GoDaddy, for instance, allows you 90 subdomain redirects http://community.godaddy.com/help/article/4040

.htaccess is a quite bit trickier http://stackoverflow.com/questions/586129/create-subdomains-on-the-fly-with-htaccess-php/586160#586160

DelacourtAuthor Commented:
Hi There, Thanks for your answer and your time

from what I have seen with Wordpress, is the internal index.php handles the redirects

What we have done is to install a WP Network - subdomains can use wildcard *.domain.com and we just have to make a new blog and install the same template for each one - tedious but working so far

Thanks for your help and time tho :)
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