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What's the difference between Citrix Presentation Server and Citrix XenDesktop?

What's the difference between Citrix Presentation Server and Citrix XenDesktop?
IT Guy
IT Guy
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xen desktop is a desktop virtualization solution and xenapp is application virtualization.

Jackie ManCommented:
Citrix Presentation Server is the previous name of the current product line of XenApp before Feb 2008 whereras XenDesktop is a lightweight universal virtual desktop client that enables any PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or thin client to access corporate applications and desktops remotely.

Do you recall the phrases of citrix server farms? One citrix server farm is made up by several Citrix Presentation Servers. Virtual desktop client is the interface at the user desk in place of a typical desktop pc.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citrix_Systems
Presentation Server (now called XenApp) is utilized primarily to provide access to virtualized/hosted applications.  Users connect to a hosted application (e.g. Word, Excel, etc) through a client.  The application appears to run on the user's workstation, though the XenApp server is handling nearly all of the workload.  You can also host a published desktop with XenApp, though it will be a server OS (2003 or 2008).

XenDesktop is primarily used to provide access to hosted Desktops (XP, Vista, or 7).  With XenDesktop the user has access to a full desktop whereas with XenApp you usually provide access to only applications.  XenDesktop's main benefit is when you must provide centralized access to applications that do not function on a server OS or the vendor does not support such a configuration.
It is also important to note that XenApp can provide a virtual desktop but it will be the desktop of the windows 2003/2008 terminal server. Xendesktop is virtualization of Microsoft client OS's like winXP, Vista, Win7
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