Employee Directory in SharePoint

Hello Experts,
I am trying to build out  a Unit wide employee directory on SharePoint. My aim is to have users see thier picture, name, department etc.

I have used the Employee directory from codeplex.com which auto populates from the Active directory but not sure how i can upload a picture.

Are the options limited to a web part if so what are the free solutions available?

If its not limited to a web part what have you implemented.

Thanks in advance for your support!!

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AndrewSkoraroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That column is looking for a URL to an image.  There might be a way to modify the code to pull it from another location. It is tied to the Picture column of the user profile database.

The image is pulled from a picture library located the users MySite.  There is a setting to chose what picture to use.  In the past, we have created a front screen that forces certain information before a user can access his MySite for the first time. This takes some coding and requires a knowledge of SharePoint development.  
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
This seems to be a popular question lately.

What version of SharePoint?  What limitations are you experiencing with MySites?
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

rohitsuryaAuthor Commented:
I am using Moss2007 enterprise. The need is not to have anything fancy. I tried using the Employee Directory from CodePlex ( http://employeeedirectory.codeplex.com/ )

when i try to do a profile import from Active directory its gives me a error "The profile import default access account is set to use the default content access account which has not been specified. To correct this problem change the profile import default access account or specify the default content access account"

We are using active directory 2003 and i have admin previlages on the SharePoint server.

So i cannot do the push import all profiles on our Domain. For the ones imported i also facing a challenge to upload picture. note none of the users have mysites access due to restrictions.

Hope this helps.
Minesh ShahConnect With a Mentor SharePoint & all about itCommented:
the error looks pretty simple:
the account which is specified in import source does not have priviledges.
it must have read access atleast.
please make it sure and run the same again.

rohitsuryaAuthor Commented:
Thanks!! Yes i realized that and changed tha account and i was successful in importing some 500 profiles in less than 2 minutes. Very impressive!!!

Now im facing a interesting challenge on how to add pictures to all these profiles i imported. We dont load profiles to our Active Directory and thats out of my teams scope. I am have all the pictures and trying to figure out a way to add pictures all these profiles. Please note that the users are not allowed to create thier profile pages due to policy.

Please advise.

Have a great weekend!
Minesh ShahConnect With a Mentor SharePoint & all about itCommented:
you can use power shell, here you go:

friendly advise: please ensure you have concern HR approval on this...
rohitsuryaAuthor Commented:
Thanks!! can this run on moss2007??
rohitsuryaAuthor Commented:
Thanks ACH1LLES!

Is there anyway to create a list and add pictures without touching the AD? Since this is going to be done by someone without sharepoint expertise i would prefer not to give them access to the Server.

So if we can create a list and add pictures straight or from a picture gallery hosted in sharepoint it would be great for the new person.

Thanks for all your feedback!
rohitsuryaAuthor Commented:
So i figured out a way to create a employe directory. But i still appreciate all your feedback on solving this.

I created a contact list and dumped the excel ones we have already of all the contacts. I used a simple program to convert all the big jpeg into Thumbnails and the helpdesk will go ahead and add the pictures to each person.
rohitsuryaAuthor Commented:
The solutions provided by experts were great but due to the delivery time something simple had to be created as a placeholder.
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