Juniper SSG20 VPN

I've established a VPN connection with the Juniper SSG20 FW but once inside I am unable to ping any of the devices on the LAN.
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AllvirtualConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I heard about Shrew. I had customers that used it in the past. Keep in mind you get what you pay for 8) Well good luck with your "open source" project. BTW "open source" doesn't mean "free source". I think people are a bit confused about the term "open source". Also I didn't think Windows 7 was "open source" or free for that matter. So I guess that sort of shows a certain contradiction of your talk.
Just ask Larry Ellison about "open source" and his takeover of Sun and Solaris hehe.
Are there any firewall rules that are blocking ping; anything showing up in the logs?  Does the Ip address you are handed have a route to the inside network and vise versa?

Can you browse file shares?

Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Ping depends on icmp, try telnet to a port
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solarisjunkieAuthor Commented:
Here is an edited copy of the config

set clock timezone 0
set vrouter trust-vr sharable
set vrouter "untrust-vr"
set vrouter "trust-vr"
unset auto-route-export
set alg appleichat enable
unset alg appleichat re-assembly enable
set alg sctp enable
set auth-server "Local" id 0
set auth-server "Local" server-name "Local"
set auth default auth server "Local"
set auth radius accounting port 1646
set admin name "netscreen"
set admin password "encrypt password"
set admin auth web timeout 10
set admin auth dial-in timeout 3
set admin auth server "Local"
set admin format dos
set zone "Trust" vrouter "trust-vr"
set zone "Untrust" vrouter "trust-vr"
set zone "DMZ" vrouter "trust-vr"
set zone "VLAN" vrouter "trust-vr"
set zone "Untrust-Tun" vrouter "trust-vr"
set zone "Trust" tcp-rst
set zone "Untrust" block
unset zone "Untrust" tcp-rst
set zone "MGT" block
set zone "DMZ" tcp-rst
set zone "VLAN" block
unset zone "VLAN" tcp-rst
set zone "Untrust" screen tear-drop
set zone "Untrust" screen syn-flood
set zone "Untrust" screen ping-death
set zone "Untrust" screen ip-filter-src
set zone "Untrust" screen land
set zone "V1-Untrust" screen tear-drop
set zone "V1-Untrust" screen syn-flood
set zone "V1-Untrust" screen ping-death
set zone "V1-Untrust" screen ip-filter-src
set zone "V1-Untrust" screen land
set interface "ethernet0/0" zone "Untrust"
set interface "ethernet0/1" zone "Null"
set interface "ethernet0/4" zone "MGT"
set interface "bgroup0" zone "Trust"
set interface bgroup0 port ethernet0/2
set interface bgroup0 port ethernet0/3
unset interface vlan1 ip
set interface ethernet0/0 ip 209.x.x.x/x
set interface ethernet0/0 route
set interface ethernet0/4 ip 10.x.x.x/x
set interface ethernet0/4 route
set interface bgroup0 ip 10.x.x.x/x
set interface bgroup0 nat
unset interface vlan1 bypass-others-ipsec
unset interface vlan1 bypass-non-ip
set interface ethernet0/0 ip manageable
set interface bgroup0 ip manageable
set interface ethernet0/0 manage ping
set interface bgroup0 dhcp server service
set interface bgroup0 dhcp server auto
set interface bgroup0 dhcp server option netmask
unset interface bgroup0 dhcp server config next-server-ip
set interface "serial0/0" modem settings "USR" init "AT&F"
set interface "serial0/0" modem settings "USR" active
set interface "serial0/0" modem speed 115200
set interface "serial0/0" modem retry 3
set interface "serial0/0" modem interval 10
set interface "serial0/0" modem idle-time 10
set flow tcp-mss
unset flow no-tcp-seq-check
set flow tcp-syn-check
unset flow tcp-syn-bit-check
set flow reverse-route clear-text prefer
set flow reverse-route tunnel always
set hostname FW3_TRU
set pki authority default scep mode "auto"
set pki x509 default cert-path partial
set address "Trust" "lan"
set address "Trust" "MNGMT" 10.x.x.0
set ippool "IP-pool" 10.x.x.100 10.x.x.115
set user "Truveris1" uid 2
set user "User1" type l2tp
set user "User1" password "encrypted password"
unset user "Truveris1" type auth
set user "Truveris1" "enable"
set user "l2-user1" uid 1
set user "l2-user1" "disable"
set ike respond-bad-spi 1
set ike ikev2 ike-sa-soft-lifetime 60
unset ike ikeid-enumeration
unset ike dos-protection
unset ipsec access-session enable
set ipsec access-session maximum 5000
set ipsec access-session upper-threshold 0
set ipsec access-session lower-threshold 0
set ipsec access-session dead-p2-sa-timeout 0
unset ipsec access-session log-error
unset ipsec access-session info-exch-connected
unset ipsec access-session use-error-log
set vrouter "untrust-vr"
set vrouter "trust-vr"
set l2tp default dns1
set l2tp default dns2
set l2tp default ppp-auth chap
set l2tp "l2-tunnel" id 1 outgoing-interface ethernet0/0
set l2tp "l2-tunnel" remote-setting ippool "Tru-pool"
set url protocol websense
set policy id 1 from "Untrust" to "Trust"  "Dial-Up VPN" "lan" "ANY" tunnel l2tp "l2-tunnel"
set policy id 1
set policy id 2 from "Untrust" to "Trust"  "Dial-Up VPN" "MNGMT" "ANY" tunnel l2tp "l2-tunnel"
set policy id 2
set policy id 3 from "Untrust" to "Trust"  "Any" "Any" "PING" permit log
set policy id 3
set nsmgmt bulkcli reboot-timeout 60
set ssh version v2
set config lock timeout 5
unset license-key auto-update
set snmp port listen 161
set snmp port trap 162
set vrouter "untrust-vr"
set vrouter "trust-vr"
unset add-default-route
set route gateway 209.x.x.x
set vrouter "untrust-vr"
set vrouter "trust-vr"

The ip address im given is from the pool, how do i set up the route to the inside network an d be able to ping other devices.
Things to observe:

1. Ensure that no other IPsec VPN client is installed on the client computer. Remove ALL such clients.

2. Temporarily disable Internet Security software components (Stop and Disable the Security Software services and reboot with the services disabled to validate whether they cause interference or not).

3. Verify that none of the Windows native IKE and IPsec Services are running. If they are Stop and Disable them (Computer Management - Services - IKE and IPsec Services)
solarisjunkieAuthor Commented:
Disabled all the services and ensured no other IPSec VPN client was installed though I am still unable to connect to any device on the network.
What OS are you on?
What IPsec VPN client are you using?
How do you assign the IP adddress to the client? Ikeconfig mode?
solarisjunkieAuthor Commented:
Im On ScreenOS 6.0 with the Windows 7 VPN client and the addresses are assigned via an ippool on the Firewall as I configured it L2TP w/o IPSec Juniper Configuration Guide,
OOps that's your problem. You DO NOT use the Windows 7 VPN client. It's not a standards based IPsec vpn client. Please use a standards based proper IPsec VPN client. Problem resolved.
solarisjunkieAuthor Commented:
Which Free VPN Client do you recommend I use.
What you mean "Free"? Why does it need to be Free?? What is more important to you. That it works or that it's Free?
Go and do yourself a favor and get the NCP Juniper client You do have a job do you or do you work for Free?
solarisjunkieAuthor Commented:
Okay Smart guy, This is a project which utilizes open source as to keep expenses at a minimum but looking around I've found which provides the free software but tks anyway.
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