Compaq Mini won't load XP. Black Screen - No Cursor

I've been working on a friend's computer for almost a 1/2 day now and I still can't get this thing to boot.

It loads the Splash Screen (Windows Logo), but when that disappears there is only a black screen left and nothing happens after that.  There appears to be HDD activity for a few seconds after that, but then nothing.  Here are a few things I have tried so far.

Unplugged all external devices and removed the battery.  Disconnect the AC adapter and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds as the users manual instructed
Made a Bootable Flash Drive.  Modified the msconfig file to disable all on the startup tab
Modified the boot.ini file with the /bootlog swtich - I still cannot find a bootlog, so I don't think it's loading far enough in to even create one
Tried loading into safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt and last known good configuration to no avail
Last Known Good Configuration gives a blue screen, but regardless of how many times I try to get the Disable Automatic Restart to work the system keeps restarting so I cannot read the error message

I am completely open to any other suggestions as I can't think of anything else.  Keep in mind this netbook doesn't have any Optical Drives.  It's a Compaq Mini 110c-1100dx.  Which reminds me, I've already tried the F6 at startup.  That doesn't work either :)
Brad Sims, CCNANetwork AdministratorAsked:
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What was on this before? Linux a dual boot?
Any problems with hardware the reason I ask was the problem fixed or just trying to re-install xp?
Is this a new partitioned hard drive no previous boot loader?
Hp doesnt seem to have your mini listed?
Compaq Mini 110c-1100dx
HP Mini 110 PC series
This a list of the HP Mini 110 PC series

check this video on the HP Compaq Mini 110c 1100DX netbook
read the comments like this one>
 If you need to re-load windows on your netbook, you can purchase the install DVD's through Compaq's support site. Just google "Compaq Support", and its the first link. The Install DVD's cost around 15 dollars and you need a¿ USB DVD drive to install it. Be careful, because it WILL write over all your data
There is more videos on the right
How to Install and Run Windows XP on a USB Flash or Pendrive
oh man ... that's awful . I think the best method is to make a bootable USB drive ( with XP on it ) and do a repair install.

Here are some howto's for making abootable USB drive ( XP loaded), you need to select USB device from boot menu.

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wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
Try going to BIOS, see if you can enable the USB device to be recognized as a boot device since you cannot get into the OS. Make sure you have all the compaq drivers, they can be downloaded for free...Is there still a partition with the OS and drivers there? If so that will be the easiest way.

If you have another computer around, the XP OS and drivers are here:
Sounds like an inaccessible/unmountable boot device. If this is the case, chkdsk /r will generally correct it, but before doing that confirm the blue screen by recording the monitor while it boots with a video camera or your cellphone. If the file system is corrupt, chkdsk can lose data, so backing up important data first is also worthwhile.

Chris B
You didn't mention trying the Windows Services only (I think) from the boot menu. That will often work when the others won't.
Update BIOS
HP minis are known to lose firmware programming sometimes owing to their low price.
I would try these things until 1 worked:

a) Get into BIOS and run Hardware Diagnostics if it has it. Probably a bad HD.
b) Boot from the windows CD and try to repair your installation
c) Hook the hard drive up to another computer and try to recover the data
d) Re-install Windows
e) Get a new hard drive and start over.
0) reset BIOS to defaults
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
He doesn't have a CD/DVD ROM Drive..The link I provided above is the OS and drivers for the Compaq Mini 110c-1100dx, but will have to be downloaded from another PC/Laptop.

burrcm (from above) about had a good thing to try, running chkdsk /r

Helo Merrete  :)
Brad Sims, CCNANetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
So many suggestions, so little time!  Thanks for all the suggestions!

Here's where I am so far starting from top to bottom:
akhalighi - I tried both suggestions for gettting a bootable XP CD, but no luck.  It won't boot for whatever reason.
burrcm: - I ran chkdsk /r once, but it's currently running right now.  I figure it couldn't hurt to give it another shot.
edbedb - I don't have a "Windows Services Only" selection on my menu?
gheist - BIOS update was successful, but still nothing...{{{SIGH}}}
Merete - This was only a single boot system with Windows XP SP3, no Linux.  I may purchase the recovery CDs if I can't get anything else to work.  I will also check out your videos on getting XP on USB.  Not having much luck with it before...
BCipollone - This is a friend's system and he's only 14.  A new HDD is out of the question right now.  The recovery CDs are only $15, so that's about all he has to spend :)
"I don't have a "Windows Services Only" selection on my menu?"

Okay it is actually "Directory Services Restore Mode (Windows domain controllers only)"

If you don't see it, try pressing F8 immediately after selecting safe mode.
Brad Sims, CCNANetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
As update:

I am trying the Repair Install from a flash drive tonight.  I misplaced my flash drive and just found it yesterday evening.

I have the Restore CDs en route just in case that doesn't work either...
Brad Sims, CCNANetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I couldn't get Windows XP to boot from USB.  Ended up just reinstalling from the Restore DVDs.
Thankyou John15-16 glad I could assist you a little.
Hope you windows is back up and running.
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