Citrix"Not Enough Resources" Error Msg


I have an older version of Citrix running on a Windows 2003 Server in house here that only one user accesses on a daily basis. Over the weekend they received this error when trying to launch a session:
    -The system could not log you on due to the following error: Not enough resouces are available to complete the operation.  Please try again or consult your system administrator.-

When I was notified of this, I tried to connect from home and didn't even get to the point that I could receive this message.

However, at the same time on the same network I was moving about 500gb of data off of a server to an external drive at the time.  Although not on the Citrix server mind you.  Could this large amount of data being moved have affected this?

So I logged into the "Citrix Server" as I refer to it and found that it showed the user in question had a session open on the very machine that he received that msg on.  Additionally I found that I had left an RDP session open to that same "Citrix Server" on Friday.  

I closed the RDP session and the user still couldn't connect.  So that apparently wasn't the issue.  I was only able to connect them after having rebooted the "Citrix Server".  

I'm far from a Citrix expert.  Although I reinstalled and configured this after this server crashed, and it works just as the one user wants and expects, I've no clue on where to start with the troubleshooting of this.  In the event that it happens again, I'd like to be able to track down the actual cause.

Any of you Citrix guru's have any ideas?  Greatly appreciated.

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Is this a 32 bit server?  Any errors in the Event Logs?  What resources do you have dedicated to the server?
macwalker1Author Commented:
It is 32 bit.  Here is some log info from around the time that this happened to the user.

Logon rejected for MAIL\mnelson. Unable to obtain Terminal Server User Configuration. Error: Not enough resources are available to complete this operation.

Windows cannot query for the list of Group Policy objects. Check the event log for possible messages previously logged by the policy engine that describes the reason for this.

Unable to read the disk performance information from the system. Disk performance counters must be enabled for at least one physical disk or logical volume in order for these counters to appear. Disk performance counters can be enabled by using the Hardware Device Manager property pages. The status code returned is in the first DWORD in the Data section.

That second one is in there a lot starting on the 25th of the month which was Friday.  The day that I left 500gb of data being moved off an unrelated server.  The user notified me on Saturday afternoon at about 12:05 that he couldn't connect.  

Not completely sure what you mean by "resources" but I'll take a stab at it this way.  The ONLY thing this server is used for is to run the Citrix Presentation Server for this one user.  Other than that, it just sits there waiting for him to use it.
Carl WebsterCommented:
When you start getting those types of error messages, something is "wrong" with or on the server and it just needs to be rebooted.  This is NOT a Citrix issue.  I am at a customer site having the same issue.  Randomly the event logs get corrupt, the servers get W32Time errors, Group Policy processing errors, etc etc and the users will start getting the "insufficient resources" message.  Sometimes when I logon to the server's console, I can't even run eventvwr.msc because of the insufficient resources.  Reboot the server and it is fine for another day or so.

We are leaning towards this being an issue with the RAID controller or something corrupt in the Windows install.

We do not belive this is a Citrix issue as users who are connected and running their application never know that anything is "wrong".  If we call up a user and ask them how their app is working, they are just as happy as can be with no issues.  New users cannot connect but existing users have no issues.

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macwalker1Author Commented:
Thanks for the info.  Not being very well "versed" in Citrix I just wasn't sure which end this issue was coming from.  My gut told me that it wasn't a Citrix issue, but started there given that a session was being opened when this happened.

Good to know that it isn't Citrix related and that sometimes things really just need a "reboot" to get straight and I don't have to wonder if I would know that if I had went to school just for this type of thing.  That's always at the back of my mind!

Thanks a ton.  I always have a Citrix question even though we don't use it for more than one person, I would really like to know more about it.  Is this the correct place on EE to get info?  Is this your area of expertise?

Carl WebsterCommented:
macwalker1Author Commented:
Thanks for the info.Wow...quite a long time working with Citrix.

 I've saved your links to my favs as I'm sure I'll be using them.  I'll close and post another unrelated question in another area of EE.  

Thanks again for the info!
Carl WebsterCommented:
Just today I came across this MS article.;EN-US;960092

I will be testing it on four servers tonight to see if it helps resolve the weird resource and stability issues.

Thanks for the compliment.
macwalker1Author Commented:

I am going to post a question about Citrix set up and would like your input....

Carl WebsterCommented:
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