I get Bing screens before my Verizon/Msn premium

I have windows 7, verizon and the MSN premium and have for sometime. When I start the MSN signon I get 2 and VERY slow Bing screens and then the MSN Premium that I use. The IE is set for msn/mymsn as usual. Any way to get rid of this nuisance, besides it slows down my getting onto MSN Premium. Thanks. And IE ver 8.
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63296329Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the problem. The MSN signon screen has a check bow for Quick Web Access. Uncheck and it is ok now. Was anyone close to that suggestion? Not sure about awarding points.
Bing is a web browser, if you see any popups for Bing when starting messenger uninstall Bing
remove it if it's your default search engine or
Go to IE 8  tools and manage Add ons  
highlight search Providers on left column> highlight Bing click on 'remove @ the bottom of the window> Close
There is a couple of places you fix it
try these as well
Why does BING pop up every time I log in to my home page?
Go to control panel-internet options, look at home page settings and remove live.com... no more Bing
And this one
Go to IE 8  tools  and Inprivate settings
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63296329Author Commented:
Highlighted Bing but remove was greyed out. Will try the other sugg and get back
63296329Author Commented:
On my home page on IE is what I want it to be Msn mymsn no others
63296329Author Commented:
Now I want and have had BING as my search engine when I sign onto MSN as I always have had it.
To clarify the problem it is the 2 BING screens that display on the way to seeing my MSN home page screen.
63296329Author Commented:
This is the screen 1 of the 2 I get sugning onto my MSN Premium. After these I get my MSN home page with the delay. Hope I selected the correct file type.
How do you navigate to your home page?
Pres the little house ?
so you want to keep Bing as your default search engine.
and as your attempt to access your home page Bing popups
 have you disabled popups in IE tools >popup blocker
Is Bing a toolbar there?
Since I use Google only
Try this go over to the top right of your web page
see the small magnifying glass with an arrow beside it?
press that down arrow

As I see it either you have to put up with it since this is how Bing operates as your default search engine. Google doesnt.
Whenever you want to open your home page Bing carries you to it and it wants to make money on the way  and it does through add-ware
AVG and Yahoo follows the same and most things we have agreed to use in regards to our web browsing.
They all want to add a toolbar.
I dont think it's malware just how Bing works, I'm not sure if you can disable the popups in Bing without also removing Bing but here's one method
How to Stop Bing Pop-Ups
Looking through Bing Community
Explain the popups to Bing on web pages
Ok looking at your snapshot thanks for that, I think you downloaded a version of
Internet Explorer 8, optimized for Bing and MSN
and Bing is your home page
3 Sep 2010 ... Internet Explorer 8 optimized for Bing & MSN together has the Bing search bar installed, MSN set as its Home page, Bing as the search engine

Microsoft appears to have a lot of Internet Explorer 8 editions optimized for various end-users. You have an Internet Explorer 8 optimized for Google, for Bing, for XBOX, for Students and for TV junkies too.

This edition has the Bing search bar installed, MSN set as its Home page, Bing as the search engine, and more!
Internet explorer optimized for Bing and MSN not responding

63296329Author Commented:
Thanks ya'll I'll try these asap
yes I remember that on my old version, didnt know the name of it.  
Disabling that saves loading the web stuff when you first open your messenger chat
We use different versions mesenger  I am using messenger 2011 with skydrive, so that didnt help.
Well done !!!
please accept your own comment as the answer I'm sure others will find that useful.
There seems to be different versions of everything now making it more difficult to assist.
63296329Author Commented:
Accepting my own comment. Hope I am doing this right.
Yes you did, and thankyou for the solution
all the best
63296329Author Commented:
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