Slow ping rate caused by SBS2003 server

We have a client that has broadband issues. I've narrowed this down to being caused by their server but I just can't figure out what it is that's doing it.

Basically, from any workstation, a constant ping to the outside world will return at about 400 - 500ms. Ping the server and it replies in <1ms.

However, physically unplug the server from the switch and the ping to the outside world immediately falls to around 25ms.

If I get the server to ping itself then I get a <1ms reply.
If I ping the server from a workstation I get a <1ms reply.
If I ping a workstation from the server I get a <1ms reply.

I've been running a Network Traffic Monitor program on a different server (Win 2003 standard) but I'm not seeing massive amounts of traffic from anything. It makes me think it's not a network that's simply flooded with traffic.

I've spent a few hours on site with this today. I've been going through the services list with a fine tooth comb and I stopped anything that I didn't recognise. At one point, the ping rate fell just after stopping a Kaseya agent service. I thought I'd found the problem so I uninstalled the Kaseya agent and rebooted. The high ping rate returned after the reboot and I just find anything that's causing it.

I'm guessing that I ended a process somewhere that made something else crash. I'm not sure what though.

I'm now working on this remotely this evening in the hope that I can resolve it in the next hour or so (bedtime soon!) and they'll have a working system tomorrow.

Any ideas?
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edz_pgtConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turned out to be a large (15MB) email being rejected and then resent to a email account. Finally sorted it by blocking port 25 outbound on the router. This made the email visible in the Exchange queue so that i could delete it. It seems that email that is already in the process of being sent does not appear in the queue. Blocking the port prevented it from beginning to send. Problem solved.
Check the speed duplex of the card going to the outside. 1 GB 100 mb or 10 mb
edz_pgtAuthor Commented:
There's only one card - it's not multi-homed.

The bit that gets me is that disconnecting the server from the network suddenly lets the network behave properly and ping times reduce in a big way.

It's as if there's something running on the server, broadcasting a flood to the network and slowing everything down. Trouble is, I can't see any traffic with my monitoring program (Ntop/Winpcap).
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Cris HannaCommented:
download and run the sbs best practice advisor (bpa)   fix everything it finds...there are likely settings on the Server NIC that need to be disabled.
edz_pgtAuthor Commented:
I've done the fixes that the BPA advises but no change so far. :(
Cris HannaCommented:
on the server run the following and post the results

ipconfig /all
edz_pgtAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions anyway. I can't really justify awarding anything as a solution but possibly useful suggestions for others to find.
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