MPLS VPN advertise labels

Hello MPLS experts,

I'm trying to decifer the reason why someone would want to control the distribution of MPLS LDP labels by assigning an ACL to "mpls ldp advertise-labels for [ACL].

The ACL is PERMITTING one /32 loopback of the switch. What exactly is that doing and what would be some of the benefits someone would want to do this?

Seems like it is only allowing the Loopback to advertise labels and not the other interfaces.
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You want to control the distribution of labels for the same reason you would want to restrict the distribution of routes, to restrict who can route to a particular destination prefix. Remember, labels are built based on which routes are in the forwarding table.

harbor235 ;}
Trusted interface for the injection and not allow something or someone else to inject?
trojan81Author Commented:
Iam, please elaborate..thanks
trojan81Author Commented:

IWhat exactly is the command doing? mpls ldp advertise-labels for [ACL].

I see that the P  router also is filtering with this command and the ACL it is using includes the loopback of this PE.
trojan81Author Commented:
sorry IAMmorsa. meant to split the points.
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