connecting two networks

Thanks in advance

I have to separate networks with its own architecture.

I need to have network A that has a cisco cattalyst 4507 switch to talk to network B.

I was thinking of simple connecting the two via a cat5 cable and creating a vlan link.

Can somebody tell me if i am heading in the right direction and what else i need to do.


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lloydclintonConnect With a Mentor Commented:

That link will give you a sample config for the ASA boxes.
you can make vlans and assign them to ports, or, just link the two switches together with a patch cable.
Switches hooked together would be a trunk link.  But if your switch will do layer 3 (ip routing) you can setup an interface for each network and route between them using your switch.  
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vburshteynAuthor Commented:
sorry my cisco knowledge is limited.

So if i have two separate networks i can just either trunk the two together.

or set it up so that if i need ip range a.b.c.d to go out via port x/x or else go out the usual way?
Can you give us a little more about the setup of your network and the devices you have?  We can provide a better answer if you can do that... or can you draw a picture and attach it??
vburshteynAuthor Commented:
Network A

ds3 router - ASA 5505 -- Catalyst 4507

Network B

MPLS router - ASA 5500 --- Cisco Catalyst WS-C2950T-48

at the moment the two networks dont talk (we are merging the two companies)

I need to be able to get from resouces on network B from A.

Does the DS3 and MPLS connections provide internet access?  If so, a site-2-site vpn with the ASA boxes will be the easiest way to accomplish this.
vburshteynAuthor Commented:
thank you very much.
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