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-- URGENT -- We need to re-claim space on our LUN

We have gone through and confirmed over 300 accounts which have added up to 260Gb of space we can re-claim, between 3 different LUN drives. Our idea was to move these accounts off the LUN drives and onto the local DAS drives. We created 3 separate storage groups with the 3 corresponding information stores on the DAS drives and moved over the 300 accounts.

How can we re-claim the space on the LUN drives?
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What type of storage device is presenting the luns to your servers?
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It's an AMS1000. We've already moved the mailboxes to the DAS drives and I wanted to know how we can quickly re-claim the space we just moved. The mailboxes we moved are physically on the DAS Drives located on the Active node.
Check this out:

If that doesn't help do a quick google search for hitachi ams1000 reclaim space.

I work with Dell storage and vmware, so sorry if I can't be of explicit help but hopefully the link does give you an idea to go from.
Looks like that was unix... sorry about that.  Try the google search..
I was hoping that after I moved the mailboxes out of the .edb store located on the LUN drive, the .edb file would shrink at least a bit. I was wondering if there was something which allowed me to be able to do a clean up kind of thing. To reduce the .edb size.
Oh.  If everything is out of there, just dismount it from exchange and get rid of it... or run an exchange defrag on it...
No, there are other mailboxes still remaining within the .edb store(s) (x3 stores)

Let's say there are 15 stores on 3 LUN drives. (5 stores per drive)
I've moved 100 people per drive onto the 3 corresponding DAS drive located on the active node. I want to be able to "clean up" the current .edb store(s) where the other people remain on the LUN drives to reflect the people who were moved off of them. I was thinking that Exchange would recognize the mailboxes as not physically being located on those old stores and free up space on those LUN drives (.edb stores within those drives).

But, nothing has changed and I'm still losing space. hmmmmph...
It may after it completes an online defrag pass...  you may want to ask Sembee about this...
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